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By Mir
June 4, 2009
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Hoping to have some good family fun this summer, preferably for the low cost of, I don’t know, free?

It turns out that many national parks are offering fee-free weekends this summer, and all you need to do is take note of when they are. The first one is Father’s Day weekend, and what would Dad like more than a hike through nature?

True, it’s not generally all that expensive to access state parks, but if you could do it for free instead of paying, why wouldn’t you?


  1. Cool! We just went to the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon over Memorial weened, but would like to hit Saguaro National Park before we move from the Tucson area in late July.

  2. What an awesome link! My son’s birthday is June 21st — sometimes I get away with telling my husband that the son is the ULTIMATE Father’s Day gift… but not always. Maybe we’ll visit a park for Father’s Day and the birthday! (Is it strange that I consistently typed “Farter’s Day”? Perhaps a subconscious reference to the testosterone in my home.)

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