Winners of the Joshilyn Jackson contest

By Mir
June 11, 2009
Category Contests

Oh, my pretties. I knew I loved you best. I knew that when I offered up a chance at an awesome, signed book that you would get all excited about it, because deep down you are all adorable booky nerdlings just like me. (Well, whether or not I’m adorable is debatable, I suppose, but the nerdling part most certainly is not.)

Without further ado, from 400+ entries the random number generator has selected the following three winners: TC (commenter 166), Candy (commenter 338), and Heidi (commenter 58). Congratulations, ladies! Please check your email! You’ll each be receiving an author-signed copy of The Girl Who Stopped Swimming for your reading pleasure.

Many thanks to all who played, and special thanks to Joshilyn for both just putting up with me in general and for graciously donating her books and time for this particular contest.

Didn’t win this time? Don’t worry! More contests are coming riiiiight up!


  1. Congrats to all the winning ladies.. Lucky ladies as I may say.. I hope you all enjoy the books!!

  2. I am indeed a book nerdling. And, today, I am an exceptionally happy book nerdling. THANK YOU!

  3. Darn, wrong Heidi. I was all excited there for a second.

  4. I just finished it. You guys will not be disappointed.

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