And so it begins

By Mir
June 14, 2009

I had a visit from the appliance fairy on Friday.

Okay; there was no fairy involved, and the crew of burly men who came to my house might take offense at that. But Friday I got the first shipment of my new Frigidaire appliances.

“Hey, your truck says Electrolux!” I pointed out, because I’m helpful that way.

“Electrolux owns Frigidaire,” the nice gentleman explained. Of course, I knew that, but given that they’re going to be having bloggers take pictures of their trucks and stuff, I’m surprised they didn’t plaster the Frigidaire logo all over the place. Heh.

But all was forgiven once I got a look inside the truck. Because inside the truck? Inside the truck was lots and lots of boxes containing shiny things.

I was so excited, I almost forgot to snap some “before” shots, but I did get a couple. Here’s my old fridge, and here’s my old washer and dryer. For the record, there’s nothing wrong with my old fridge. I mean, it’s boring, but it’s fine. But I have hated this washer and dryer with a passion ever since my husband and I got married two years ago. The washer becomes unbalanced if you look at it funny and the dryer has a *BZZZZZZZT* that scares the bejeesus out of me every single time, and then the clothes usually aren’t even dry. Hmph.

Three hours later I had all kinds of awesome new machines. And the sad part is that then I up and left town, so I haven’t really even gotten to play with them yet. I’ll have to report back once I’ve played with them. But in the meantime, I just have to tell you one thing. Wait; two things. First: Have you ever seen anything sexier than my new washer and dryer, even considering that I can’t open the pedestal under the dryer more than a few inches? And second: I did sneak a quick test-spin of the washer before I left, and it was virtually silent. The water pouring down into the drum was louder than the spinning. I may have swooned.

Once I’m back home again, the rigorous product testing begins. Woo!


  1. Lucky duck!

  2. Before I even saw the “have you ever seen anything sexier” question, I saw the washer/dryer and whispered, “Oh, wow.” So… yeah. That’s awesome. SO PRETTY.

  3. I love my front loading washer. I seriously sat and watched a cycle run through it the first time it ran. 2 years later and the love affair is still going strong. I hope you’ll love yours as much as I love mine. Happy washing and drying!

  4. My husband wanted the red washer/dryer combo when we bought our new place two years ago, but I nixed it because of the extra cost. My white ones work fine, but are sooooo boring!

  5. puuuuurty! I’ll be curious to hear what you think of the washer/dryer, because I have a feeling we’ll be in the market for new ones after we move into our new house in august. The ones that convey are practically antiques.

  6. My husband and I bought a foreclosure in October of last year and ended up having to replace every appliance, except the built in microwave (I guess they didn’t feel like ripping that out after taking all the other appliances that still worked, the fixtures and smoke detectors). It sucked having to pay for all the new ones, but I got the nice front-loading washer and dryer (love them!), an incredibly quiet dishwasher and fridge big enough to hold more than just 1 gallon of milk and some leftovers. My only complaint about the front-loading washing machine was that sometimes it smelled funny, but we learned that if we leave the drawer and door open when not in use, everything dries out nicely and there is no odor.

  7. Woo! Way to go, Mir! That stuff looks awesome!

  8. Can’t wait to hear how your life is changed with the new washer and dryer! I could not ever go back!

  9. It is funny that you used the word “sexier” because as soon as I saw the picture of your washer and dryer, I realized I was lusting after them. 🙂 We are moving from an apartment to a house within the next month and will need to buy our own washer and dryer. How I want this set! I don’t think I could justify the price to my husband though.

  10. Must test out washing all your comforters, horse blankets and such in them! (Don’t know if you have a horse blanket -those big ole’ things they wear in the colder months …but I once stuffed one into a washing machine [when I was a housekeeper of someone who did have them] and started the dryer on fire! It was way too much for the dern thing. No, I wasn’t fired…shucks.)

    Also I am interested in hearing about the mold problem everyone talks about with front loaders. I use a front loader in the place we rent and have loved it ~ have no dryer though.


  11. Droool!

  12. I am SO JEALOUS! My 20 year old washer and dryer are still getting it done, but WOW at your red shiny!

  13. Never mind the pedestal drawer, what about the dryer door? I mean, I can see that it would open some, but is it enough to transfer the clothes?

    Still, look at it… Rowr! I suppose you could tell it to just stand there and look good while you line dry your stuff.

  14. Is it wrong to want to lick them?

  15. I can’t believe that you guys are married 2 years, already. Wow, congrats! Hmmmm…what? Oh, yeah…your new toys are pretty, too.

  16. I saw a truck drive by my house two weeks ago with this very washer/dryer depicted on it and I considered running after the truck to see if I could re-direct it to my house. They’re gorgeous. ENJOY!

  17. Very sexy! You’re going to love them. : )

  18. I’m so very jealously happy for you, Mir. You deserve it. 🙂

  19. Oh, the red color is enough to make me swoon. Thanks for the appliance porn!

  20. Congrats, you’ll love them! I have to second another commenter, that you’ll want to leave the washer door ajar between uses. Also, I realize that you aren’t washing tiny baby socks anymore, but if you seem to have lost something little in the washer, pull the rubber seal back and look in there. It’s a secret hiding spot… sneaky.

  21. Whoooooo you are one lucky lady…!! They look so awesome.

  22. LOL! I think I have the same dryer you had….the one with the really loud,annoying buzzer that just won’t stop! Enjoy your new toys!!

  23. Kim and Selena have good advice. I don’t leave my drawer and door open all the time, but if I know that I’m done washing for the day, I’ll leave them open until they are dry, then close them. Also, if you overstuff the washer (something I’m really good at doing LOL), then you will likely lose something small in that rubber ring at the bottom of the front. Pull it back, take out the item and squeeze out the extra water. If I don’t stuff too much in, then I don’t usually have anything hiding in that rubber ring.

    I’ve had my set for a year now, and absolutely love them! Mine are white; I would have rather have had silver, but white is good too. 🙂

  24. I found your article thru Motherload, I can’t wait to read more of what you are learning about their products. That washer sure looks fantastic and I hope to win some of their products too., who knows can’t win if you don’t enter right.
    Waitin patiently to hear more reviews.

  25. I’m pretty sure those call for wearing a dress and heels while using them.

  26. I’ve been using my front loaders for 8 years, 12-15 loads per week. Hardly seems possible. We’ve only had to replace the water pump in the washer (at 5 years) and the blower motor in the dryer (at 4 years). My hubby is handy and we did it ourselves.

    My suggestion for upkeep/anti-stink, besides leaving the doors ajar is to be sure to clean the washer filter every 6 months. Mine is behind the bottom panel on the front of the washer and screws into the pump. It’s just a plastic mesh filter, but I’ve pulled out hairpins, nails (thanks honey) hair and general stinky stuff. You might need a special screwdriver to remove the panel, but it’s worth it.

    You can also buy a product called Pure Washer–just google it–and it works like a charm. Enjoy your pretty new machines!

  27. Just looked again at the machines, and you have no lower front panel…don’t know if you can get to the washer pump filter, but it’s worth checking it out.

  28. We’ve got similar units that we stacked and it really opened up a lot of extra space. If your ceiling is tall enough you could even have one pedestal on the bottom and stack the washer/dryer on top.


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