In the market for appliances?

By Mir
August 20, 2009

Lovely Christine writes:

My husband and I just bought a condo, and we knew that eventually we’d be replacing appliances, it turns out that for the washing machine eventually means sooner rather than later. Since the dryer is just as old, we figured that we’d just get a matching set and replace them both. The trick is, though, that the need to be stackable (but it seems like a lot more models are stackable now!).

It seems like Home Depot and Sears are always having deals for 10% or so off, which is great and all, but is that the best I can do? Are there magic tricks for getting good appliances for less money?

Up until today, my advice was going to be only: Fill out the “just moved” Lowes/Home Depot cards to get your 10% off coupon, or shop scratch-n-dent, or keep an eye on the Sears flyer. But then I read that government appliance rebates are coming, so now my advice is this: Wait a little bit, if you can. The new programs are expected to go into effect before the end of the year, and could mean big savings.


  1. Wait. I don’t get it. Didn’t the article say that you didn’t have to turn in the old appliances? Does that just mean that you sell them on Craigslist or something?

  2. Oh thanks for this, I’m moving and will need new stuff, but looks like I’ll wait a bit.

  3. i was thaat close to buying a new fridge … i’m waiting now! i don’t care how many more ice cube trays i have to fill.

  4. Thanks, Mir!

  5. I have a second hand dryer that was once harvest gold, now painted white. I have no idea how old that might be, but i am pretty sure it is almost as old as my husband. My carbon footprint is like Sasquash now from that thing alone. (Actually, I line dry everything except for towels.) I hope this program is smoother sailing that cash for clunkers.

  6. Oh sure, NOW they come up with something. Maybe I could have had a washer that I didn’t need to hover over and change the settings partway through. Thbllzz!

  7. About three years ago, when I had to replace my fridge (which wasn’t a clunker, SOMEONE left the freezer door open all day and trashed the compressor) I got a rebate from the District of Columbia government because I’d bought an Energy Star appliance. It was either $50 or $100, in the form of a Visa gift card.

    So check with your state government, your local government, your power company… there may be other programs to reward you for finally getting that ice-and-water-through-the-door model you’ve long wanted.

  8. A government. rebate. for. appliances. Ummmmm…. REALLY???

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