Spell it out, lock it up

By Mir
September 5, 2009
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Have you ever had trouble remembering the combination to your combination lock? Do you have a child who would lose his head if it wasn’t attached, and therefore you gravely doubt his ability to remember how to unlock his bike once he’s mastered remembering to lock it up in the first place?

If you answered “yes” to either of the preceding questions, you need a Wordlock. Five dials, 100,00 combination possibilities. Pick your word, set it as your combo, and never forget how to open your own lock ever again.

I have a pretty red Wordlock padlock to give away this weekend. Will you be the one to win it? Just go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, September 6th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and 5-letter credo. No, I don’t really know how that would work, either.

Ready? Go!


  1. #1 should be a winner!

  2. What a cool idea!

  3. My word is “hopey.” As in “I’m hopey that I will win the wordlock.”

    Thanks, Mir!

  4. Sounds Cool!

  5. I would love to win this.

  6. I could have used one of those in days past, but I know a kiddo who needs one now. 🙂

  7. We have one of these (another brand, but same deal) on our front gate. I like feeling confident that Bella will remember the combo should she need it.

  8. Cool prize

  9. I’m hoping to be L-U-C-K-Y and win this for my son 🙂

  10. ADD daughter at college — this would be wonderful.

  11. GREAT! Thanks – Jessica

  12. I have been waiting m whole life for this!
    Among other things ; )

  13. Would be great for a kid!

  14. would be fantastic!

  15. The sheds in our neighborhood have been getting broken into. I could really use this!

  16. Sounds really useful!

  17. Try and try again. 🙂

  18. would love to win this

  19. I’ve been wanting to ride my bike places but I can’t remember our combination to the bike lock. yes, I know I could buy another one but I never remember. This would be very handy for our family!

  20. perfect for my david!

  21. Sounds great. Thanks!

  22. Why didn’t we think of that?

  23. cool thanks for the chance

  24. I’m one of those who never could remember a combination. This would be perfect!

  25. sounds like a great idea

  26. I need not to have the same combination for everything from home to work. This would probably help that.

  27. me, please!

  28. Oh, I’d love a lock like this for our gate!

  29. Ooh, I need a lock for my new locker at my new job!

  30. This is clever!

  31. Please enter me!

  32. Pretty cool idea.

  33. Can I use it to lock myself in my room for a little “me” time? 🙂

  34. After throwing away 3 random locks last week, I’d love this. Credo… um, ILIKE?

  35. A lot of people at my gym use these kinds of locks. I would love to have one!

  36. Sounds neato! Random number thing, pick me!

  37. This would be awesome for my son!

  38. I need a new lock for the gym! I have all these locks around the house, but I have no idea what the combinations are!!!

  39. I need one of these for my husband, too.

  40. Sounds great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Great concept! The hard part will be choosing a word that no one can guess, but I can still remember.

  42. Wow that sounds perfect for a terribly forgetful mother like me! 🙂

  43. us too

  44. My son would LOVE this!

  45. I’ve never heard of this but hope I get a chance to try it!

  46. We could celebrate his new bike with a new lock!

  47. This would be awesome.

  48. Looks neat!!

  49. I’m not expecting my adolescent to remember the word he picks, but, I’m in.

  50. Too bad my kid can’t spell! It would have to be an EASY word for him.

  51. sounds very cool!

  52. we could use this!

  53. Sounds great!

  54. Darn it! Wantnot is 7 letters. How about GO MIR????

  55. Wish I would have had this when I was in H.S.!

  56. This is so clever, I hope I win….

  57. Awesome!

  58. Cool!

  59. Sounds DUCKY!!! Hee hee thanks!

  60. Thanks Mir!

  61. pckme please! lucky #60!

  62. This would be a great win.

  63. Excellent idea!

  64. Thanks!

  65. Woo hoo! Thanks!

  66. Great idea for those of us (like me) who forgets numbers but can remember words…

  67. oh oh, pick me–I haven’t been able to ride my bicycle this summer ’cause I can’t remember the combination, NOR where I wrote it down ’cause I knew I wouldn’t remember it…

  68. Nifty!

  69. Cool!

  70. Great idea! Would love to win one!

  71. I’m always saying “Use your words” to the kids when they use their fists instead. Now we really can use our words to lock something up… maybe the bad behavior. hehehehe

  72. Oh baby this would rock.

  73. Yes, I’ve wanted one of these.

  74. That is a great idea!

  75. I totally need this for my middle school-er!

  76. This is a clever idea!

  77. I would love to win this!

  78. This would really be useful!!

  79. How cool! Thanks for another nifty giveaway!

  80. My son could use this!

  81. cool!

  82. Lucky number 82?!

  83. We lock the shed in the back yard so that they kids don’t cut themselves on yard tools or decide to have a gasoline cocktail when I glance over to tell the neighbor’s dog that we are not going to try and do bad things to “their” house. If I had to mow the lawn right now, I’d have to break the lock. I need this.

  84. We have a couple of these locks – they’re great. Especially for someone like me who is more of a word person as opposed to a number person. MKW

  85. I would love to win something it would brighten my day

  86. sounds very cool!

  87. Perhaps this is my magic number.

  88. This would be awesome! I have to lock my bike up downstairs, I love in on the third floor of an apartment building.

  89. This would be so cool!

  90. This lock just looks like so much fun. Oopsy, that would be my word.

  91. Consider this my E-N-T-R-Y

  92. sounds nifty

  93. I’ll A-D-M-I-T I’d love to win this.

  94. Here’s WISH’N that I’m the winner!! 🙂

  95. Ahh, man, I’m an English teacher – this is *right* up my alley!

  96. I need one for my bike! Thanks, Mir!

  97. Need this! Please!

  98. what a great idea!

  99. Yes, for our bikes!!!!

  100. bikes!!!!

  101. I gave a friend of mine one of these for her birthday (we went to the gym together and needed locks) and she made her code b-i-t-c-h. Awesome.

  102. Well, a word just seems way too obvious. Yay for innovation!

  103. How cool is that?!

  104. This would be awesome for my son.

  105. We have looked at these. Winning one is tons better then buying one. Thanks

  106. That sounds incredibly cool – would love to win one!

  107. This would rock! I need some serious help with the mommy brain!

  108. I write the number on the back. Guess that defeats the purpose!!!

  109. Finally, something for those of us who are a teeny bit number-phobic 🙂

  110. pick me lucky 109!

  111. Very cool idea.

  112. Looks awesome. Please pick me. 🙂

  113. This would be so cool! Thanks Mir!

  114. Pick me, please!

  115. Very cool idea!

  116. Awesome!!

  117. I need this lock.. some days its hard to remember to put the milk in the fridge and not in the cabinet with the cereal boxes!! Now thats bad

  118. Sounds great!

  119. 🙂

  120. bike thefts are on the rise in our neighborhood unfortunately – count me in!

  121. My 10 year old needs this! My 5-letter credo would be “tired” as in… I’m so tired of her forgetting her combination every single day of my life!!

  122. I considered purchasing one of these for my newly released (been in storage for a variety of reasons) and newly tuned-up bike, but waited on getting it so far. I cannot, for the life of me, remember numbers very well (still don’t know my “new” driver’s license number that I’ve had for three years. I think I’m in denial since I had my old one, from my previous state, memorized and don’t want to make the effort again.) Words? Heck, I can remember words all day long, even ones that make no sense. This would be awesome to have!


  123. I have to call my husband to get the combination to our shed EVERY time I need in the building. I am hopeless.

  124. The kid brother needs this. Badly.

  125. would love this!! thanks!!

  126. cool!!

  127. I need one for the gym because I can never remember my combo. It is so bad that I keep a tiny sticker on the back.

  128. looks cool

  129. What a good idea! I’m tired of using birthdates, and they’re not too secure, either.

  130. Oh, there are so many things I could use this for…:)

  131. I am actually getting in on one of the weekend giveaways! Woohoo!

  132. Cool idea . . .

  133. “D-I-R-T-Y”

  134. My son needs this!

  135. Wordlock me!!

  136. DH is a nuclear physicist…needless to say remembering a simple combination is, ironically, not his forte. This would be great!

  137. This is awesomely perfect! I think I need to win this one. ha ha

  138. Yes, please!

  139. I would love to win because it’s not my child with the memory issues (although she has them too) – sadly it’s me!! I just like to think there is so much stuff in my brain, there isn’t room for it all 🙂 !

  140. That is very cool. I can remember standing and staring at my high school lock trying to will the numbers into my head.

  141. This would be great for my niece!

  142. I would love this for my son.

  143. I’d love to win one! Anyone else seen the commercial for these? The announcer says something like “you could have picked any one of zillions of words, but your mind went right to *poop*” Hilarious!

  144. Thanks.

  145. Thanks Mir!

  146. oh, that would be great for my kids’ bike lock!

    they really would forget their heads if they weren’t attached!

  147. Finally!! I can never remember a number combo!!=)

  148. Hola!

  149. Cool!


  151. ME PLEASE!!!!!

  152. This is great!

  153. Hope this number is a winner!

  154. me please

  155. What a great idea! I would love to have one of these.

  156. very cool!

  157. I’ll be honest, I just want to get something for nothing…for once.

  158. What can I say? I’m an idiot. And this is perfect for me!

  159. I need this! Really it would be perfect!

  160. Sounds great. Throw my name in the hat, please.

  161. Sweeeeeet.

  162. FUN!!!

  163. Here’s my entry! 🙂

  164. I just saw these at Target yesterday and thought they were a great idea!

  165. Sounds great. My son could really use that.

  166. cool!

  167. Great idea!

  168. Sounds neat – thanks!

  169. Yay to that!

  170. Just slipping in under the wire for this one – I would LOVE this!

  171. My 10yo would love this! I got my entry in just in time!!

  172. What a concept…We would love to win! 🙂

  173. Thanks Mir! Another great contest!

  174. Very cool!

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