Winner of the Wordlock contest

By Mir
September 8, 2009
Category Contests

Oh, Monday holidays! You screw up my entire week! I spent half of this morning convinced today was Monday, and judging by the entries on this weekend’s contest, everyone spent most of yesterday convinced it was still Sunday. Bah. Too confusing!

Regardless, in spite of my slackertude in not picking and announcing the winner yesterday, we do have one. Yes, we do. Our lovely winner of the red Wordlock padlock is commenter 37, Jen. Congratulations, Jen! Please check your email!

Big thanks to all who played, and special thanks to Wordlock and their helpers at Daddi Brand for the generous prize donation.

If you still want a Wordlock (and really, who doesn’t?), check out the choices at Amazon; the padlocks and bike locks are currently an extra $2 off when you place them in your cart.

Didn’t win this time? Don’t be sad! There will be more contests! I think my timing is all screwed up to do another one this week, but next week for sure. Stay tuned!


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