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By Mir
September 23, 2009
Category Quick Tips

Did you know that most pharmacies offer some sort of incentive to transfer your prescription to them from another store? They do! This is not my favorite way to make money, because I happen to like the pharmacy I use (and like that they know my family, etc.), but if you were planning to switch anyway or didn’t really care, it’s easy cash.

Make up to $50 at Rite Aid with a printable coupon (click the “get coupons now” link on that page). Most other pharmacies put coupons in the Sunday paper insert, but here’s another tip: Most of them will match a competitor’s coupon, too. Try printing the Rite Aid coupon and taking it the pharmacy of your choice and asking if they’ll match it—they probably will.

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  1. I’m always tempted to ask them how much they’ll pay me *not* to switch! Darn it all.

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