Reminder: EcoStore USA contest

By Mir
September 23, 2009
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Don’t forget—you have until just before midnight tonight to enter to win an EcoStore USA gift card worth $25 towards the green cleaning and hygiene products of your choice.

You wouldn’t want to forget to enter and then forever wonder if you might’ve been the lucky recipient, do you?

As always, please enter on the contest post. Leaving a comment on this post is sort of like feeding mogwais after midnight. (If you are too young to get that reference, kindly get off my lawn.)


  1. Bright light!
    Bright light!

  2. Odds look really good and I could use some green products…

  3. I just laughed out loud at the mogwai reference – I am 37 – work with some young 20-somethings – how many times a week do I roll my eyes when they don’t get my old school pop culture references! Thanks for the giggle.

  4. Funny you should mention the mogwais. I was just wondering today if Gremlins was acceptable for the 5 to 10 year old crowd. Its been quite sometime since I saw it last…

  5. Actually, if it weren’t for a nephew, I’d be too old for that reference.

    And I never wonder whether I’d have won if I hadn’t forgotten to enter. I’m certain of it.

  6. I accidentally let my daughter see that movie when she’d just turned three. I forgot that they killed an old lady, one get mushed in the blender, one dissolves into a disgusting bubbling green goo . . oddly, she loved it. Maybe it’s a sign I’ll have someone to watch my horror movies with, some day.

  7. The movie is kinda scary for little kids, say up to age 6. AND if they still believe in Santa…at one point Phoebe Cates says her dad died in the chimney and that’s how she discovered Santa wasn’t real. Yeah. For the older kids, probably ok. My 9-yr-old got it for his birthday but has not watched it yet (as we will have to hide it from the 4-yr-old)

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