Reminder: Yummie Tummie contest

By Mir
September 30, 2009
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Goodness, is it Wednesday already? How did that happen?? Well, no matter; just keep in mind that you only have until just before midnight tonight to enter to win a $100 Yummie Tummie gift certificate! If you haven’t gotten your entry in, get moving. Time stops for no one, apparently.

And please remember to enter on the contest post, not this one. This one is reserved for… ummm… dog stories. I’ll start: My dog just ate an entire pear core, the big weirdo. Your turn!


  1. my dog used to eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine. he would spit out the green ones. colorblind issues i guess!

  2. My dog ate birdseed once.

  3. My dog just ate off the hands to my daughters Barbie. Notsogood.

  4. My dog won’t quit trying to herd my toddler!

  5. My dog goes into my children’s room and gets stuffed animals. She brings them out and drops them in the middle of the living room. Thankfully she doesn’t chew them up, but I am beginning to think she might be threatening me.

  6. My dog’s favorite food was frozen grapes. If you said the word grape she would run to the freezer. She also liked to eat her own fur though. Rest in peace little Pippi.

  7. My dog loves to eat snow.

  8. We always wondered how our old dog, Bert, could eat a plateful of leftover beef stew, every.last.drop, and leave behind every single pea and carrot — perfectly clean, no less.

  9. We went to a friends’ house and they had two big dogs. The slightly smaller of the two fell in love with my daughter and she with him. She giggled while he tried to lick her face off. When the owners told the sweet dog to give my girl a break, she screamed at them.

  10. LOL… My dogs eat apple cores! But they manage to spit out the stem. Our cocker spaniel had 3 homes before he came to us and his registered name is “Mickey So Fine.” I set my my computer to randomize music while I’m working. The poor dog must have been brainwashed because EVERY TIME “Hey Mickey” comes on, he comes running into my office to start “singing” with the song! And yep, it’s only that song.

  11. My cat loves lettuce.

  12. I saved my sweet Lab’s life by using a pair of long tongs to pull a rawhide piece out of his throat!

  13. These are reasons I don’t have a dog-

  14. My dog lilo (Shiz tsu) has a bad fascination with dirty socks..will fight to the death for them…I though dryer trolls were bad…

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