Reminder: Red Envelope contest

By Mir
October 14, 2009
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Whoops! I nearly forgot to remind you to enter the Red Envelope contest before it’s too late! so, um, hurry up. You only have a few more hours (until just before midnight, Eastern time, tonight).

Or don’t enter. I mean, who really wants $75 to spend on something frivolous? Oh, you do? Well then get that entry in, already.

Please remember to enter on the contest post, not this reminder post. This post is only accepting comments about… ummm… mushrooms. (Don’t ask. It’s been a long day.)


  1. I just went to a “Mushroom Walk” locally, led by a local nature expert. It was actually pretty interesting (even though I eat no mushrooms) because where I’m originally from, there is always a huge deal made about mushroom hunting in the fall (although my mom was lucky that we always had a big patch of them growing right under our trees in the front yard, so we didn’t have to hunt too hard for her to get her yearly mushroom fix). The morels aren’t that common up here, however, but I did discover that there are tons of edible kinds up here as well (still not eating them myself). There is actually one that is not edible by itself but is edible if it’s covered by another fungus. (It’s called a lobster mushroom, if you want to look it up.)

    Ummmm…okay, now I feel weird that I actually have something to say about mushrooms, so I’m leaving the room now.

    *quietly walks away*

  2. I make a mean vegetarian “meat” ball with mushrooms as a key ingredient. 😉

  3. Mmmmmm…mushrooms. I just realized I was so busy supervising everyone’s homework, I didn’t eat dinner:)Before I am judged for supervising, I have an adhd english as a second lanuage kid with missing work and the quarter ends on fRIDAY…

  4. I love this blog! Where else would you actually find folks with rational things to say about mushrooms after 10pm on a Wednesday?

  5. Mmm. Ordered morels off of ebay earlier this year. They were quite yummy, but I thought tasted enough like ground-up walnuts or somesuch that I don’t feel the need to do it again. If they magically grew in my yard, of course, that would be another story.

  6. This would be soooo nice! 🙂

  7. Ew. Mushrooms. They have been sprouting up in our yard like crazy. And dude, they are GIANT. It’s like Alice in Wonderland out there.

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