They just outgrew their britches

By Mir
October 22, 2009

Look, you know how much I’ve been enjoying the Target Daily Deals. One-day deals with free shipping is right up my alley.

But today is the day we’ll look back upon, shaking our heads sadly, saying that this, this was the day that Target jumped the shark.

Should you be interested, there’s a pair of $80 rain boots featured today. Yeah, they’re Dr. Martens, but I’m sorry, did you hear me? Target is selling $80 rain boots.

I fear the apocalypse can’t be far behind.


  1. Dude, don’t knock the Docs. They last forever! I mean really. And $80 in the US isn’t bad. But if you ever go to the UK you can get them for between 30-40. Even in the US on clearance you can get them below $50. I’ll admit to having 4 or 5 pairs at one point. I think I’m down to two pairs now.

  2. Ok but I would never buy Doc rain boots. I was talking about the real thing.

  3. Maybe it’s the H1N1 flu pandemic…I think the flu bug hit the “regular” Target Daily Deal poster and this is was posted by a substitute.

  4. My keyboard is slick with my own fresh tears…Wait. Oh God. Where’s my hand sanitizer?

  5. No WAY. What is this world coming to?

  6. Someone must like ’em, because they are sold out!

  7. Darn. Thay are cute and I know someone who would love them, but not for more than $20-$30! Maybe if we got more snow…

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