Reminder: Cook’s Ham contest

By Mir
October 28, 2009
Category Contests

Don’t forget—you only have a few more hours to enter to win a free Cook’s ham!

If you don’t enter, you can’t win. And then you’ll be sad. And hamless. And who wants that?

(As always, please enter on the contest post. Leaving a comment on this post will only result in mild ridicule.)


  1. Not trying to win (if so, I would have posted properly). Don’t eat ham. I have just waited years, I mean years, to hear the phrase “sad and hamless”. Hamless may have been enough for me, but then you went and added sad. Thank you Mir.

  2. Only mild ridicule? Where do I sign up for the moderate-to-severe ridicule that lets me know you really, really like me? 🙂

  3. Juli & Katie,

    You guys crack me up. And I was pretty cracked to begin with.

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