Winners of the Sesame Street DVD contest

By Mir
November 12, 2009
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Apparently there are hundreds of you who have fond memories of sunny days sweeping the clouds away. The contest to win the 40th anniversary Sesame Street DVDs brought you all out of the woodwork.

Three of you are about to be very lucky. The rest of you, well, there’s always YouTube. (Sorry. Best I can do.)

Alrighty then! Without further ado, our three DVD set winners—according to my handy-dandy random number generator, and in no particular order—are: Deborah Blacksten (commenter 5), Valerie (commenter 353), and Theresa (commenter 54). Congratulations, ladies—please check your email!

Big thanks to all who played, and extra big thanks to Children’s Television Workshop and their helpers at Bender/Helper Impact for the prize donation. This contest brought to you by the number 40 and the letters O, M, and G. (As in, happy 40th birthday, Sesame Street, and OMG I am old.)

Didn’t win this time? As we head into the holidays I have piles of fabulous goodies lined up for giveaway, so don’t you worry. More chances to win pretty, shiny things are always coming up.


  1. Thank you *so* much! I guarantee this will get a lot of use at my house.

  2. oh, man! why not valarie 349? I knew I was around 350 and hoped for a second you’d spelled my name wrong. 😉

  3. Oh, man. I’m so bummed! Esp, becuz Valerie 353 is my sister who I called to tell her to enter, and she won! *pout* I’m telling our mom! Well, ok I’m happy for her, but still!

  4. thank you for the dvds i know my baby girl would like them!!sorry sister!

  5. Thanks for having the drawing! Though I didn’t win the DVDs, I’m grateful for the chance. All week long, I’ve been humming Sesame Street songs from my childhood (“one two THREE four five six seven EIGHT nine ten eleven TWE-E-E-E-E-E-ELVE!”), so the drawing capped off the nostalgia for me.

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