A quick word about this site and the FTC

By Mir
December 1, 2009

As some of you may know (and others may remain blissfully oblivious about), today (December 1st, 2009) new FTC regulations go into effect about how bloggers disclose affiliate and marketing relationships on their sites.

In the three and a half years I’ve been operating Want Not, I’ve always tried to be very clear about where prizes come from, with which stores I have an affiliate relationship, etc. But just so that there’s no confusion at all, I have a new Full Disclosure page explaining all of these things (and more). Additionally, from this point forward—as is explained on the Disclosure page—any time I link to a store where I stand to earn money through your purchase, there will be clarifying hover text informing you of that relationship.

The Disclosure page is now linked both from the top of the left sidebar, over there, as well as from the main About page.

Running Want Not is my job, but it’s also a labor of love. I’m happy to make sure that I’m in compliance with the new FTC regulations, and that my readers understand exactly how things work around here. If you (ever) have any questions, please just let me know.

P.S. You’re pretty.


  1. What a silly post.
    But, your pretty too!

  2. rock on, pretty Mir! Thanks for everything!

  3. You have saved me so much money with this site that I’m more than happy to help you make a little from it! Just tell me where to click.

  4. You’re pretty too, Mir. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Thanks but I would prefer to handsome and not pretty. Have a great day.

  6. Any way you look at it, you are honest, ethical and pretty!

  7. I once turned a coworker onto this site and she looked it all over and came to inform me that she figured out whenever she clicks on a link YOU GET PAID! Shock! She was really pretty proud of herself for ferreting out the truth of your filthy business here. I’m afraid what your full disclosure page will do the self esteem of any future sleuths who need to be the ones who solved the mystery. Did the FTC ever think of them?

  8. Em, that was the best response ever! LOL! Geez, we thought the pretty, pretty Mir was spending every waking moment of her life searching out deals for the world out the kindness of her heart! You mean she needs to earn a living, too?

    Mir, thanks for disclosing what most of your loyal followers figured out a long time ago. We think you’re pretty, too.

  9. I love it that, when I click through the site, Chickadee gets a new pair of shoes.

  10. Why would I ever have a problem with you making money at your job? And I’m saving money at the same time?! Rock on!

  11. i’m with becca — for all of the money you’ve kept in my pocket, i’m more than happy to send some your direction. thanks for this blog, i can imagine how much work it is. you rock! (and are pretty, of course.) (and yes, this post was silly — you’ve always been up front.)

  12. I’m happy to know the “chump change” you might actually get from my shopping is going to a good place, like cookie making experiments! 🙂

  13. as one working mom to another, kudos to you for creating/maintaining a product that actually SAVES ME A LOT OF MONEY.

    Keep up the good work, I am appreciative. Plus, I think you are pretty, too.

  14. I hate that the FTC thinks I’m dumb. Good thing you think I’m pretty! 🙂 You’re pretty, too!

  15. Glad I have the opportunity to ask something I’ve been meaning to for a while….
    Nearly every time I buy from Amazon (whether it is a deal you’ve pointed out or not) I come here first, click on the Amazon link in your sidebar — or in a post if it’s handy — then make my purchase. I’ve always assumed you’ve earned money from this, but wasn’t sure.
    I shop through lots of reward sites like MyPoints and Upromise (neither of which award pts for Amazon) so I figured SOMEONE should benefit. Especially considering all the money you have saved ME! 🙂

  16. What they said. Your site is the best, by far, and I am so grateful that you are sitting at your computer doing the searching I don’t have the time (or, frankly, interest) for doing. I’m sure that there are bloggers out there who aren’t up front about their relationships, and that’s why the FTC has set up these rules — but you’re not one of them. You’re better than pretty — you’re the pretty, shiny person who saves me money on the stuff I need and want, and you deserve every penny!

  17. I’m with Traci–I always try to hit Amazon through your site because (as many have noted) with all the money you’ve saved me, I might as well send some money your way. Especially since it doesn’t cost me any extra! 🙂

    And you’ve always been forthcoming about the affiliate linking. I remember when I heard about the FTC regulations, I thought, “Oh, well, Mir already does that.”

    You’re pretty, too!

  18. What???? You mean you don’t live off of rainbow light and puppy dog kisses???? I’m shocked! Seriously.

    The mere fact that you even felt the need to make this post proves how transparent you’ve been all along. I for one am grateful for this site. It’s how I do nearly all my online shopping. So thanks!!

  19. @Lucinda – Actually, Mir /does/ live off of rainbow light and puppy dog kisses. She just needs money for her shoe habit. 😉

  20. What, you haven’t been doing all this out of the kindness of your heart?!?! I’m shocked…not really! Thanks for making me feel extra pretty when I save some bucks from your site 🙂

  21. If YOU’RE going to inform me of deals where I can save money, um, yeah, I don’t mind if YOU make money! LOL We luv ya Mir!

  22. @Brian – ok, you’re handsome! 🙂

    I agree with Erin. I’ve been listening to the various pieces on NPR over the last couple of months, including a great piece on Blog-Her and “mommy blogs” and my first thought each time was “Wow, you mean not everybody is as transparent as Mir? Daaaaanggg!”

  23. I love this blog. I love internet shopping. I love deals. I love Mir. I had honestly never given any thought to affiliate linking, so I also love this post – because of it I’ll be extra careful to always click through this site before buying something. Thanks, Mir, for all the bargains. 🙂

  24. Ugh, regulations! I work for a bank, VERY aware of the hassles. Love you and your site, Mir! Always want to see you getting rewarded for the deals you share with us. I’m not sure if it matters, but I also click through to see stuff but don’t buy it – hopefully you get credit for that, too.

  25. I’ve followed you since your very beginnings, Mir! I’m really proud of you! I think it’s great that you’re making money off of it now. 🙂

  26. Heh — I love your hoverlink. I bet no other blog has a hoverlink as pretty as yours!

  27. Like Traci & Erin, I always just assumed that you are paid through affiliate links and try to click through to Amazon, Target, etc. from this site before making a purchase. I really appreciate this blog and the money you have helped me save!

  28. I like hover text much more than the tiny print or the speakveryquicklybecause
    weonlyhaveahalfsecondleft kind of disclosure. You have such pretty readers, though. Lots of funny, supportive comments.

  29. I may be pretty but your butt looks fabulous in those pants!

  30. I love it when you tell me I’m pretty.

    Also, I kind of like knowing where the money is going and where it is coming from. It helps me support your site.

    Also, your hair looks terrific. Most women aren’t that daring, but you can really pull it off!

  31. Is the Brian in the 5th comment block the same Brian who was at your house for Thanksgiving?
    Inquiring minds want to know……

  32. OK, this is so weird, but I didn’t actually KNOW how you made money from this blog! What a cool way to rake in the dough! (Hee hee!)
    On another note, I had to go and read the entire Full Disclosure page, just to see if it was as amusing as your contest rules page. I was NOT disappointed! You’re an awesome writer!
    OH, and I STILL tell everyone about the great deal I got on my Flip recorder because of your site!

  33. I think you’re making this whole FTC thing up so we’ll all tell you how pretty you are. Very sneaky. 😉

    Really, though, I have to say you are (and always have been) the best in the business about disclosing what ought to be disclosed. That makes you the bestest AND the prettiest!

  34. I hope you make so much money from this blog that it becomes your job! For reals…

  35. Every time we click, am angel earns her wings . . or something to that effect! 😉

  36. So… If I click an affiliate link, do I have to buy the item you linked to for you to get paid? Or if I click through one of your affiliate links to Amazon and buy other pretty things will you still get paid a percentage off of my entire order?

    Because I am all for helping you make money since you help me save so much.

  37. I read about this on your other blog, and I’m glad you came up with the mouse-hovering text idea, because having that text after every affiliate link would be ridiculous.

    Also, I’m glad they have affiliate programs for people like you! 😀 You’ve saved me tons of money through your hard work, so you deserve it! (I think all the places you link to should let you work on commission for them. 😉 )


  38. Hey! I’d MUCH rather YOU make money off me than one of the “big banks” 😉

  39. Mir, you’re the prettiest. And the most FTC compliant. And I’m so glad you do your job so well. Whatever it nets you, you’re underpaid.

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