Paypal for your teen

By Mir
December 7, 2009
Category Quick Tips

Been thinking of letting your kid open his own Paypal account? You’re braver than I am. (Then again, mine isn’t a teen yet.) December is a great time to take the plunge—not only do Paypal Student Accounts allow you to oversee their activity, sign up this month and get $10 deposited to their account to get them started.

Frankly the thought of letting either of my children loose on eBay makes me feel a little bit nauseous. But like I said, I still have a few years to beat them into submission mold them into responsible humans. Ahem.


  1. I wouldn’t, but mine is of the “Forgiveness is Easier than Permission” ilk.

  2. Dude – no way. I’ll just give both teens credit cards while I’m at it.

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