Reminder: Band Hero contest

By Mir
December 9, 2009
Category Contests

Hey, if you haven’t yet entered the contest to win a Wii Band Hero Super Bundle, you have until just before midnight tonight to get your entry in. So you might want to make sure you do that before time’s up.

As always, please enter on the contest post. Trying to enter on this post will result in ridicule, embarrassment, hair loss, and the heartbreak of psoriasis. Really. Why risk it?


  1. This would be GREAT!

  2. I have already entered but let me say again how sweet this would make my Christmas!!! Great Prize!!!

  3. I’m itchin’ to enter on this post…or maybe the psoriasis is already kicking in.

  4. I’m really crossing my fingers that entry four hundred trillion and something is the winner!! I don’t remember ever seeing that many posts before. woo hoo!!

  5. The heartbreak of psoriasis . . my 5-year-old told me my elbows look like snakeskin. Why, thank you punkin.

  6. ooooo oooooo pick me!!

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