Uhhhhh. . .

By Mir
December 22, 2009

So you know how there’s been all of these Amazon markdowns? And I’ve been stalking the price changes, and looking for the best deals? I’ve found some really cool stuff this way.

I’ve also, unfortunately, discovered that someone thought this was a good idea. You know, because the world is experiencing a marked lack of large-breasted robot toys for children.

One of her actions is “blowing kisses.” Because that‘s not creepy.


  1. Is that jealousy I’m detecting?

  2. That’s for those men who think “I can’t get my daughter a ROBOT! What if it makes her gay?” A bosom, heels and kiss-blowing makes them feel better about having a little girlie with varied interests…

  3. how does that robot stay upright? 😛

  4. obviously not a toy for children. i wonder what the 59 hidden functions are……

  5. Hmm… I suspect some Mad Men-era undergarments help keep even lady robots perky.

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