Reminder: Ben10 and Power Rangers contest

By Mir
January 13, 2010
Category Contests

You have until just before midnight tonight to enter for a chance to win Bandai toys that will make your little one squeal with glee, followed by noises like “kapow!” and “zot!”

I know; I mean, who doesn’t need more noise in the house when you have kids, am I right?

Anyway, it would be a shame to go empty-handed just because you forgot to enter, so get a move on. Just make sure you enter on the contest post… this post is reserved for a show of hands on who wishes they had a nickel for every time they found themselves saying, “You know, I already went to [insert child’s current grade level here], so I don’t think I have to do that homework again.”


  1. Raises hand here. I would be rich, I tell you, RICH. I’m not entering that contest though, since my kids are getting beyond the action figure toys. Instead I’m being asked about trig (surprisingly, since the boy is only taking algebra/geometry (otherwise known as Math I to those in GA)).

  2. OK, this is a random aside, but you reminded me of this story:
    When I taught high school English, I once had a student who told me he had probably taken more English classes than I had. He based his assertion on the fact that he had taken English at least twice for every year he had been in high school. In other words, he had FAILED each year of English at least once. Evidently, he was not so good at the whole logic thing, either.

  3. Me please 🙂

  4. What I lurv is when the 3rd grader comes home, and starts his homework. Then he asks “What am I supposed to do with this?” Like I was in class today instead of him! Or better yet, when the teenagers need help! I HATE math and it seems that because I went to HS not so long ago, I should remember everything that they ever taught me. (nevermind that they were there a mere 2 hours ago and can’t remember diddly)

  5. I haven’t had to say it yet, but I’ve been practicing. Oog, especially in the math. She’ll think I know all because I have a Cum Laude 4-year degree in it, but can I REMEMBER any of it past the 7th grade or so? Noooooo.

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