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By Mir
January 14, 2010
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In case you missed the news, Max Factor announced this summer that they won’t be selling their cosmetics in the US anymore. I didn’t feel like this was huge news, as a person whose favorite mascara brand is, um, “something black,” but I know a lot of women who are very worried that their favorite product is disappearing.

Well, I happened to notice at the store the other day that supply finally is drying up—there were a bunch of empty shelves where the Max Factor stuff usually goes.

If you have a favorite Max Factor product you fear losing, you might want to check over at; they still have a pretty good selection, and once it sells out, it’s gone. I’m not seeing any crazy deals, but if they have the One True Eyeliner Of Your Dreams or whatever, I wouldn’t wait for a sale.

(Of course, “something black” is always on sale somewhere. Heh.)


  1. I myself am a fan of “something dark brown.”

  2. In the summer, one of the “hot picks” in O Magazine was a Max Factor mascara as being great at a low price. They did mention, too, that MF was leaving the US, so it would be tough to find the mascara close to the end of last year.

  3. Thanks for the head’s up Mir, I love Max Factor mascara….went right over to and grabbed a couple of tubes….and had to do a little shopping while i was there….Oh well, we know how that goes….

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