Reminder: Elizabeth Kostova contest

By Mir
January 20, 2010
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Just a quick reminder—you have until just before midnight tonight to get your entry in to Elizabeth Kostova’s latest novel along with her debut bestseller. This contest will have five lucky readers walking away with this pair of books, so the odds aren’t bad at all. Of course if you forget to enter, your odds of winning are exactly zero.

As always, please remember to put your entry comment on the contest post. This post is reserved for discussion of the following issue: Does waking up in the morning practically unable to move mean that you are old or that you are just a delicate flower? Purely hypothetically, of course.


  1. Hmm. The nature of your question leads me to suspect that you are past the age when a bad morning means it must have been a great night. :-p

  2. For me, it usually means that my infant though nighttime was the perfect time to play/cry/explode in his diaper/escape from the swaddle (take you pick)…does it make me a delicate flower that I need at least 4 hours of sleep in a ROW?

  3. It darn well better mean “delicate flower.”

  4. It just means that we work soooo hard during the day that our bodies hurt in the morning.

  5. I’m certainly hoping it means delicate flower, otherwise I’m not as young as I pretend to be!

  6. There are some mornings I feel like “a horse who’s been rode hard and put away wet” as my 93 year old grandpa is so fond of saying! 🙂

  7. At least your kid doesn’t call you “Oldielocks”. And I’m only 36!

  8. It depends on if the inability to move is determined by sheer physical pain, or a mental inability to face the horrors of the coming day.

  9. It might mean you did Level 2 of Jillian Michael’s Shred video. At least I think that was my problem. No.2 is the hardest! It would seem Level 3 would be harder though.

  10. A delicate flower must spend a long time in her flower bed before she can bloom.

  11. I’m voting delicate flower – so what if there are a bit of weeds around poking thorns into my side.

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