Winners, we’ve got winners here

By Mir
February 15, 2010
Category Contests

I owe you some winners, don’t I? I think I do. Let’s get to it.

First of all, last week’s contest to win a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 has landed lucky ready Mandy (commenter 146) with a way to reconnect with family currently in Indonesia, and she’ll get to see her nephew for the first time! Awesome! Enjoy the webcam, Mandy.

Next, this weekend’s contest to win Cornelia Read’s Madeline Dare books elicited quite a lot of interest, which warms the cockles of my own dark and twisty heart. The five winners of her brand-new novel Invisible Boy are: Paige (commenter 83), Beth (commenter 120), Erin (commenter 112), Susan (commenter 56), and Sara, no “h” (commenter 11). The winner of all three or Read’s Madeline Dare novels is Mary (commenter 164).

Congratulations to all the winners—please check your email!

Big thanks to all who played, and special warm and fuzzy thanks to our friends at Hachette Book Group for the book prizes and to the generous folks at Logitech for the webcam prize.

Didn’t win this time? Don’t be blue! I’ve got another contest coming up later today. You never know what you might win, ’round here….


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. @Mandy: to soothe our losing hearts, you’ll have to share a photo of your new nephew with us! Congratulations 🙂

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