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By Mir
February 20, 2010
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If you’ve been around Want Not for longer than a couple of days, you know that I’m a big fan of Kohls, and in particular, I’m a huge fan of Kohls Cares For Kids. Yes, they raise money for charities, do good work in their local communities, and even sponsor scholarships for needy kids, but they also sell really awesome books and plushes on the cheap to do so. It’s a win-win; you get something fantastic for just $5, they get money to do good for kids all over the country.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Kohls Cares For Kids, and to celebrate, Kohls has generously offered up five complete sets of their current Dr. Seuss-themed line-up for giveaway here at Want Not. Each set includes: The Lorax with Lorax plush, The Foot Book with orange character plush, Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! with yellow plush, If I Ran the Circus with whale plush, and also The Green Book (a handy book of tips on protecting our earth). Each set is a $45 value and five of you are about to feel a lot luckier, greener, and Dr. Seuss-ier. (That is so a word. Hush.)

Want to win a set? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, February 22nd, 2010 to be entered. Winners to be determined by random number generation and whether or not you’re willing to win in a box, with a fox, or if you eat rocks. (Not really.) (Please don’t eat rocks.)

Ready? Go!


  1. Terrific prizes!

  2. I LOVE Dr. Seuss…he is fabulous!!!!!!!!1

  3. I would like to win this Sam I Am!!! Dr. Seuss is a favorite in our house.

  4. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Seuss. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. oh, love it! love giveaways. love Seuss. love Kohls and their cares for kids program!

  6. Awesome! I love the Kohl’s Cares for Kids program and Dr. Seuss.

  7. What a great giveaway! We’re huge fans of Dr. Seuss. Thank you!

  8. Yeah, Dr. Seuss. Pick me!

  9. I think I would like that on a boat or with a goat.

  10. I love Kohl’s and I love Dr. Seuss, so I would love to win. Thing One and Thing Two are my favorite characters!

  11. Awesome prizes — thanks, Mir!

  12. Dr. Seuss is the best! I love the books, and I love sharing them with my kids! Great prize!

  13. oh this would be awesome. come on lucky number generator

  14. I love Kohls too. I’d love to get a set for my daughter and newborn son. Thanks!

  15. Dr. Seuss is so fun! My daughter loves the Foot Book.

  16. Please enter us in this one. Thanks!

  17. I will enter in a box, and I will enter with a fox!

  18. Oh, yes!

  19. We love Dr Seuss. Happy Birthday to him in a couple weeks.

  20. Love Kohls & love Dr. Seuss!!!

  21. This is an AWESOME prize!! PLEASE pick me!! I would LOVE to read these to my grandson! He already loves my all time favorite–How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

  22. Hope it’s lucky 22!

  23. Thanks for posting this ~ great for the kiddos!

  24. awesome contest, thanks Mir.

  25. Love anything Dr. Seuss-ian!

  26. Nice one! Thank you!

  27. Those sound marvelous!

  28. Dr Seuss rocks!

  29. NEA’s Read Across America is an annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2, the birthday of beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss. We are celebrating at the school where I teach and I can think of many ways to use these cute book and plush toys. I would love to be picked!!

  30. who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?

  31. We LOVE Dr Seuss!

  32. Would love to win this, my little man loves Dr. Seuss!

  33. Will you send it in a box? Will you pad it with some socks? No matter how it comes to me, I’m sure I’d love this pri-zee-ee!

    Thanks, Mir!

  34. The foot book is my son’s favorite!

  35. We love Dr. Seuss at our house!!!!

  36. we’d love these!!!

  37. Shop at Kohls all the time and have 3 boys who love the books!

  38. In a box! No, wait… with a fox! …As long as it’s not Megan Fox, of course…

  39. Pick me!

  40. It’s almost Ben & Alex’s first birhday! What a great present this would be for them.

  41. I’m in. Pretty please! Thanks!

  42. thank you yes please!

  43. What a great prize!

  44. Very cool!

  45. These would make a great present for my sister and her two little ones!

  46. In a box, with a fox, either way, I’d say hooray!

    (Actually, I know just the community book program that could use the books — so I’d let my daughter select one, and she and I would bring the rest to the local health center where they give each child a book at every well visit. At my daughter’s birthday last summer we collected new books for the program rather than more toys for my daughter. It was a great learning experience for us all!)

    That would be a way to spread the wealth, wouldn’t it?

    Hooray, hooray, what a fantabulous day!

    (OK, that’s the best Seussian-ness I’ve got in me now….)

  47. I have gotten so many books and stuffed toys from Kohls Cares! Great giveaways.

  48. Awesome! We love the Dr! 🙂

  49. My borfin will schlump if I don’t win this!!

  50. My daughter would love these. Count me in !!!!1

  51. Cute! Go Kohl’s!!

  52. Green Eggs and Ham…I do not like them Sam I am…we have read that book so many times that the pages are worn!

  53. I’m willing to win in the rain, or on a train, and I won’t even complain.

  54. My 5 year old is a HUGE Dr Seuss fan! We have the books, but she sure would love to donate these to her school and share the plush animals with her little brother! She loves to read, oh yes indeed!

  55. love dr. seuss! and free stuff! 🙂

  56. I’m willing to eat pop rocks for the books, but not real ones. 😀 I would love to have these for my little niece, nephew, and best friends’ kids (one who is due any day and one who already has one who is devouring books).

  57. Please! 🙂

  58. One book, two book…
    red book, blue book…
    Count me in! 😉

  59. I bought a lot of the Kohl’s Cares stuff at Christmas!

  60. My husband’s college library was named after Dr. Seuss. We love Theodor Geisel!

  61. Me please 🙂

  62. Would love this!!!

  63. HUGE fan of Dr. Seuss here all my life. I’ve instilled that love in my kids, and now I am instilling it in my preschool classes each year. Dr. Seuss’s birthday is coming up very soon, you know! I would love to win a collection to share with my preschoolers!

  64. Love, love love Dr. Seuss and Kohl’s!

  65. Dearest Mir, you are the best.
    Thank you for the great contest!

  66. My son would love this! His current favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham!! Please pick me 🙂

  67. My kids would love this. Although they’d fight over who got got what…

  68. I am determined to win.

  69. We LOVE Dr. Seuss around here!

  70. Thank you for the chance, Mir. We have gotten all the Kohls’ books over the years. It’s such a great cause.

  71. They look so cute by the registers, I bet they’d look even cuter in our house! Thanks!

  72. great giveaway! thanks, Mir for the chance to win!

  73. Presents for all the little ones in my family! Woot!

  74. this would be a fun gift for my niece.

  75. Would you could you pick me please…
    …would you could you i will not tease…

  76. We can always use more books!

  77. We love Dr. Seuss!

  78. This would be great! My kids love Dr. Seuss!

  79. Pick me!

  80. Yes, please!

  81. We love these books!

  82. oh man, i’d LOVE these books for my first grade classroom!!!!!

  83. Oh my nephew would love! And he does not have a goat or a moat but I would give that little cutie either.

  84. Yay Mir! Yay Kohl’s! Yay Dr. Seuss!

  85. Oh the Places You’ll Go is my favorite book to give to graduates! My daughter loves Horton Hears a Who. And we would love to win this!

  86. Number 87 is the one, I just know it..I’m not good at rhyming like Dr. Seuss, but he is love by all !!!

  87. My kids would love some new Dr. Seuss.

  88. What an awesome contest!! My kids (and me!) Dr. Seuss books!!!

  89. I love Dr. Seuss!

  90. I purchased the foot book and lorax set. They didn’t have the others. They are AWESOME!!!!

  91. How great!

  92. Wow, that would be great – thanks for the chance!

  93. Would love to win this. Thanks for offering it.

  94. My girl would love this set!

  95. I love this program too. Haven’t been in the store since Christmas, so I haven’t see this latest round. Terrific!

  96. I’d love to get a box…filled with books like Fox in Socks. We love our Dr. Seuss…even more than Marty Moose!

  97. Oh! We need to get my new niece started on her Dr. Seuss collection!

  98. Oh I would love this! I’m a Music Teacher and my 1st and 2nd graders are performing “Seussical the Musical” next month!!!

  99. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

    The Lorax, Dr. Seuss

    Thanks for caring and for letting us care too!

  100. Dr. Seuss books are my favorite!

  101. Please! 🙂

  102. We love Dr. Seuss! And, happy early birthday to him!

  103. Our daughter’s first favorite book was The Foot Book… at only 14 months of age, she is already a huge Seuss fan! yay!

  104. Love Seuss.

  105. My kids would love me (even more than they already do :)) for giving this to them…

  106. Oh, I would like to win…in my house with a mouse?

  107. We love Dr. Seuss.

  108. I would like them in a box, I would read them to a fox, I would fill the box with rocks, while I washed and dried my socks. 🙂

  109. Dr. Seuss! How fun.

  110. My kids would love this!

  111. big fun! pick us!

  112. Who doesn’t like Dr. Seuss??!

  113. I would be as happy as a Star Belly Sneech if I won this!!!

  114. With a new little brother on the way, this would help my grandaughter, the big sister feel special too!!

  115. Awwww how exciting!

  116. Dr. Seus lives!

  117. Fun prize!

  118. Awesome!

  119. We love Dr. Suess books and the Kohls Cares for Kids is a great program!

  120. I love this program too, and even though I have already bought the books, it would be great to win the set!!

  121. Please, a new set! We’re getting tired of giving a pig a pancake!

  122. I adore the Lorax. I’ve been meaning to pick it up at Kohls.

  123. great contest!

  124. This would be a huge hit with my girls!

  125. Excellent!

  126. Love Seuss in our house!!!

  127. What a heyday giveaway!

  128. So fun! This would be great!

  129. Me! Me! Me! I would love this for my daughter!!!

  130. We would love some new Dr. Seuss!

  131. I want this, one hundred percent!

  132. Yay!!

  133. My son loves Dr. Seuss books. It is so fun to read him books that I, too, loved as a child. Thanks, Mir!

  134. Feet feet feet!

  135. A complete set? Wow! I’d be happy with just the Lorax. But count me in: I’m in charge of planning Read Across America (Dr. Seuss celebration) in my school!

  136. Would love to read these to my little guy.

  137. This would be a blast to have!

  138. Love Dr Seuss and Kohl’s. And free prizes, although I’ve never won one.

  139. Yay! These would be great for my nieces.

  140. these are always the best stuffed animals!

  141. Oh I love the Dr Seuss plush toys they make! I love free stuff too! 🙂

  142. My son loves characters from books. His bed is full of them.

  143. This is my favorite thing about Kohls! We have built our book collection through them (and Scholastic) throughout the years. I usually pick up a couple to donate to my kid’s teachers there, too. At that price, it’s easy to do!

  144. Seuss rules!

  145. Sure, I’ll win in a box!

  146. Love Dr Seuss! Thanks, Mir.

  147. free stuff, free stuff, pick me now, don’t give me guff!! 🙂

  148. Love it, pick me!

  149. I do so love green eggs and ham!

  150. We love Dr. Suess!!!

  151. ohhhh sam i am and fox in the box and yes I would if I could..love to read these books over and over again!

  152. Dr. Suess rocks~~

  153. My son loves the books and plushees from Kohl’s. I try to get him the sets, but I haven’t been able to afford this set. Would be a great surprise for him to win this. I know he would love these. The Dr. Suess books are favorites of his. He loves to ryhme.

  154. Pick me! Pick me!! Please?

  155. I’m in Texas, too! But not at the conference. This is a great giveaway- thanks.

  156. Dr. Suess has a birthday coming up. This would be a great prize! Thanks.

  157. Wow!! I have a great nephew who NEEDS these!

  158. More books…yeah!

  159. This would be fun, fun, fun!

  160. who doesn’t love some good Dr. Seuss?

  161. I would love this (and my daughter would love it more!)

  162. Yes please!

  163. Great sets! I’m hopeful…

  164. Pick me :D!

  165. I want to be Seuss-ier… 🙂

  166. we love dr. seuss in this house, and kohl’s too!!!

  167. I LOVE Dr Seuss! I have two children and several nieces, nephews and cousins that are in the perfect age range for these books!

  168. My daughter LOVES Dr. Seuss!!

  169. My son is a big Dr Seuss fan!

  170. I would love to win this!

  171. This would be wonderful for my grandkids.

  172. This is awesome! Dr Suess rocks,

  173. We’d love to win! I’ve always been a huge Dr. Seuss fan. Even share the same birthday with him. Happy birthday to me??

  174. Do we get extra credit if we can quote Dr. Seuss’ABC by heart? Big A, little a, AAA… What a great giveaway!!

  175. Dr. Seuss = AWESOME! Love this giveaway!

  176. We have a Dr. Seuss fan in this house, what a great prize!!

  177. WOW awesome prize! Gotta love Khols!

  178. Would love this – thanks!

  179. My two kiddos adore Dr. Seuss! We are gettting ready to go to the local celebration of his birthday next week!

  180. Dr Seuss is wonderful!

  181. very cool.

  182. great prizes – hope I win one!

  183. All riiiiiiiiiiight! Would love to win this!

  184. Please say I’ve won….that would be fun!

  185. I would like this in a box, I would like this in my hands!

  186. It’s Free? Yipee! please of please oh please pick me.

  187. here’s hoping theres a win for the grandbaby! Woo Hoo!!!

  188. I would like them on a boat. I would read them to a goat!

  189. I have neither goat nor moat, but I will read them, yes, I will.

  190. Dr. Seuss ROCKS!!! Thanks for a chance to win some of his GR-8 books!

  191. LOVE kohls cares for kids!! i always make it a point to buy the books

  192. Great prize! Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?

  193. I am willing to win in a boat with goat!

  194. My seven year old is a HUGE Seuss fan!

  195. Yes please

  196. Pick me Please!!!

  197. Would be a GREAT ADDITION to our School Library and Read across America Display !!!! Great prizes

  198. Love them!

  199. I know two little girls who would be over the moon if Mommy won this prize!

  200. yes, please!

  201. My daughter would absolutely love this!

  202. My kids’ room is Dr Seuss – we love them!

  203. Oh the places you go. Thanks Mir!

  204. Pick me! Pick me!

  205. Thanks! With three little ones, this would be a big hit in our house! 🙂

  206. yes! pick me!

  207. We love Dr. Seuss! Hope we win!

  208. My son LOVES Dr. Seuss. When I’d ask him who wrote this book, he used to say “Socks N Shoes”

  209. Hooray for Dr. Seuss!

  210. Pick me and I’d be seuss happy! 🙂

  211. Great giveaway! I love the Kohl’s Cares for Kids books/promos too!

  212. Fun! thanks – Jessica

  213. This week is my bday and you’re never too old for Dr. Seuss! My kids might like it too!

  214. My kiddos love Seuss!

  215. This is a fun one!

  216. Pick me! Pick me! No tricks, just picks!

  217. Oooh – love it, what a great contest!

  218. pick me, please!

  219. Since the deadline is on my birthday, I think I deserve to be chosen!

  220. I really hope I win!!

  221. ME ME ME! I’d love to win! Thanks!

  222. Here’s hoping…

  223. my kids would love it. Thanks.

  224. Cool…count me in!

  225. I’d love these books and toys for my classroom! And I would eat them, with some lox…

  226. Yay! Love to read Dr. Seuss to my baby!

  227. My students love Dr. Seuss, and his books are great for teaching reading!

  228. I love Dr. Seuss’s books and so do my kids!

  229. Oh, we love Dr. Seuss!

  230. How Seussically wonderful!

  231. Love Dr. Suess!!! My five year old will eat green eggs and ham Sam I am….

  232. My kids love these books from Kohl’s. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  233. thank you 🙂

  234. Great giveaway…please pick me random number generator:)

  235. I love the books and stuffed animals from Kohl’s. Pick 235!

  236. 1 book, 2 book we love all books!

  237. Fun stuff!! Pick me.

  238. Fingers crossed….

  239. Sounds good – thanks!

  240. It’s not 8am just yet.

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