Shoes of unnecessary quotation marks

By Mir
March 3, 2010

Okay, I get that Reef is a hot brand of flip-flops for the cool kids, and that I will probably never understand a beach sandal that’s regularly priced at over $50. All of that aside, I was just cruising the Reefs at (because they’re only around $20, there) and came across this Reef Fanning that has a bottle opener built into the sole.

A bottle opener. In your shoe.

My favorite part is that in the bulleted feature list, it says: Church key to open your “soda” bottle. Uh huh. It’s to open your “sodas,” fellas.

The mind, it boggles.


  1. That would make a good “gag” gift – but EW, would you want the opening of your bottle NEAR the bottom of your shoe?? Blech!

  2. Well, Brenda, after a few “sodas”, you probably wouldn’t care anymore. But I agree. Ew.

  3. When they make shoes with a built-in corkscrew, I’m in.

  4. Well, I didn’t get the church key ones, but did buy myself a two pack and my 6 year old. She doesn’t really know how to walk in flip-flops… and living on the coast, well, I feel as though I’m failing her as a mother. Hopefully these will change that. Thanks!

  5. LMAO… my husband has been wanting a pair of these for the longest time since a friend showed theirs off. But I refuse to pay $50 for a pair of “flippie floppies”. The bottle opener actually never hits the ground, and I think it’s more for a “WOW” or “gee whiz” factor than anything. Boys and their toys, and all that…

    Anyways… thanks for the link! I just got him a pair for Father’s Day. He will be thrilled!

  6. My husband just got a Guinness hat that has the bottle opener attached to the bill. If they had these in his size, he’d have loved them.

    LOL @ Damsel and Summer!

  7. I’m with Summer – show me the built in corkscrew, I’m in!

  8. Okay, I’ve officially turned into my own mother now because I don’t care how cool the other kids are, because my kids are never, ever, NEVER getting $60 flip flops!

  9. I can’t help but think you would end up with sand, etc in your drink. Cool for a ‘show-off’ item though!

  10. I live on the beach in Florida – and my husband works from home. He wears these flip flops almost exclusively. Exciting to see them for $20(!!), since the $50 does suck, but they’re really THE most comfortable flip flops EVAH. I only have 2 pairs, and I jusify him having 8 pairs with it being his “work” shoes/clothes.

  11. Oh! and not on 6pm, but reef also makes one thats a canteen(gross!),one that stores a pencil and notepad(for all those girl’s numbers on the beach!) and one that has a ‘drawer’ in the heel- which is great for a cc and a key (I actually like this one!)

  12. I was actually sad they didn’t have these in my husband’s size. I had my credit card ready, this is just his kind of red neck.

  13. I honestly have to agree with Christina – I’ve been wearing Reefs for years and years, and they’re honestly the most comfortable flip-flops. They also last FOREVER – I wore one pair until I’d thinned out the rubber heel, so maybe 3 years? They’re easy to clean, they don’t smell, and the little drawer in the heel (I have a pair of those as well) is phenomenal for keeping a license, a few dollars, and a spare car key (spread out over both shoes) when you don’t want to bring a bag and don’t have pockets.

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