Help me, Mr. Clean!

By Mir
March 20, 2010
Category Contests

Okay, today’s contest isn’t terribly glamorous, but really, everyone needs cleaning products, right? You may as well win ’em for free.

I’m working with some folks who’re working with the Mr. Clean family of products, and so two lucky Want Not readers are going to win a trio of these products. Each winner will receive Magic Eraser Foaming Bath Scrubber, Mr. Clean Citrus and Light Antibacterial Spray, and Mr. Clean Multisurface Cleaner Spray. Your house will be cleaner and you’ll have extra money to spend on pretty shoes instead of on cleaners. Yay!

To enter this contest, first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 to be in the running. Winners to be determined by random number generation and fresh scent. (I was considering basing it on the gleam off of people’s bald heads, but that seemed unnecessarily restrictive….)

Ready to get clean? Go!


  1. My husband shaves his head! Pick me!! : )

  2. Yup, I need to clean.

  3. I just want Mr. Clean himself to come and clean my house. Is this the wrong contest for that prize? oh well, I guess the products will do.

    Maybe I’ll train my boys to become the future Mr. Clean. wish me luck!

  4. Spring is here. Time for the cleaning!

  5. Love some mr. clean!

  6. Count me in!

  7. I just took a bath, so my scent is as fresh as it will get…

  8. does this come with a cleaning person? Oh and right now I have a bald head so points for me!!!

  9. I have a new (to me) house to clean and an old house to clean for sale so I need great cleaners!

  10. Cleaning products are excellent! Thanks for the contest!

  11. I’m spoiled rotten – but I’ll let my cleaning ladies have these! LOL

  12. Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean …. I used to sing along to the commercial when I was a kid!

  13. I’d like the cleaners, but what I’d really like is someone to come use them on my house. Can you have a contest for that, maybe??

  14. I would love to win this! Cleaning could certainly stand to be easier around here. 🙂

  15. The magic eraser really is magical.

  16. Gotta have the cleaners…would love to get them for free! Thanks!!!

  17. Is it sad that I’m excited about a bathtub magic eraser?

  18. I’m on a spring cleaning binge – this would be awesome.

  19. whooo hooooo I want mr clean!!

  20. Perhaps is I WIN cleaning products, I’ll actually USE them … instead of just stashing them under the counter for the “cleaning day” (that never arrives).

  21. Apartment: 6 million, Alexis: 0…yeah we could use some spring cleaning!

  22. I love Mr. Clean Magic erasers. Everyone with toddlers needs one for every room.

  23. I don’t like to clean but if I want a clean house I have to!

  24. Good cleaning products make life so much easier.

  25. Now this would be truly useful!

  26. It’s springtime, despite the snow falling outside!

  27. Sure, I am in!

  28. I just spring cleaned my house. Count me in for new cleaning products.

  29. me, me, me!

  30. I wouldn’t mind some free cleaning products! It’s spring cleaning time at my house anyway.

  31. We’re starting on our spring cleaning too! I want my floors to shine like Mr Clean’s head!

  32. My three year old would love to use these to clean the pencil marks off our walls. ;o)

  33. I love cleaning. Sometimes. Either way, I’d feel better about it if I had Mr. Clean by my side!

  34. I always – always need help with cleaning. Does a maid come with the products? ‘Cuzz that would be oh, so awesome.

  35. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning anyone else tired of it? I wish these products with Mr. Clean would help my husband clean.

  36. Oh, I could use this. Maybe you could send Mr. Clean here to show a couple of boys that men DO clean, REALLY!

  37. The magic eraser works wonders!

  38. Maybe 39 will be my new lucky number.

  39. We love some Mr Clean over at our house.

  40. Love Mr Clean….

  41. I could definitely use these products!

  42. Bring on the spring cleaning!!

  43. thanks!

  44. Ohhh…please?

  45. I smell fresh and clean – or my house will…

  46. Send ’em over to my sty!

  47. I love to clean, really I do…

  48. anything to make it easier

  49. I love the regular Magic Erasers – would love to try the bath cleaner!

  50. Ug. Need all the help I can get!

  51. I have 5 boys and a husband – I need cleaning help!

  52. Mr. Clean is awesome…the magic erasers have been life savers!

  53. I just used my last magic eraser to clean my shower. More would be perfect! Thanks for the chance!

  54. Pretty please!

  55. I’m spring cleaning today! Good timing!

  56. i guess i could clean. but really, that’s why i had kids.

  57. Our house smells like messy small children, so we’re decidedly lacking in the fresh scent category. I guess that means we could really use cleaning products!

  58. Please enter me!

  59. Love!

  60. Sounds great! I’ve got sick kids so I need all the cleaner I can get!!!

  61. I hate to clean. Maybe Mr. Clean will help me change my attitude. Although, like many of your commenters today, I just want someone to come do it for me.

  62. I love Mr. Clean so much that I use his song to sing to my cat 🙂

  63. Pick Me!

  64. I would love to add these to my collection of cleaning products that don’t get used nearly often enough.

  65. how handy, just in time for spring cleaning.

  66. Yay spring cleaning!

  67. I need to clean clean clean!!!

  68. Ooooh, I really want to try out the erasers with bathroom cleaner.

  69. love magic erasers, didn’t know they had them with bathroom cleaner… thanks for the contest opportunity!!

  70. Just got out of the shower… I must smell the cleanest of all, right?

  71. I love me some magic erasers!!!

  72. Two young children = We need cleaning products!

  73. Now that my kid has an easel, we need all the Mr Clean we can get.

  74. I hate to admit how much I’d love to win cleaning products!

  75. I would love to win this!

  76. I would love to win some cleaning products that my kids learn to use – ha ha!!

  77. Yes, please.

  78. Well, we all still have to clean, so bring it on.

  79. Me, please! I could so use free cleaning products. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire me to actually take on spring cleaning?

  80. My older sister called me Mr. Clean when I was a baby. Maybe winning some cleaning products 45 years later would help heal the wounds she caused?

  81. Cleaning? What is this ‘cleaning’ you speak of? I must investigate.

  82. OK, Valarie’s claim to sympathy is valid indeed but we’ve all had the stomach bug here…we NEED these! 🙂

    Thank you!

  83. I could use some Mr. Clean!

  84. I love clean – Yes I do. Thx!!

  85. Yay cleaning products! Yes- I’m easy to please.

  86. I hope I win this one!

  87. Clean Clean Yes Yes

  88. Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean!

  89. Cleaniless is next to something, if I could remember what maybe I could find it…

  90. oh, please pick me – spring is springing and the mud is … *everywhere*

  91. woot! thanks, mama!

  92. Just in time for spring cleaning – please pick me!

  93. I’ve always wondered how well the magical eraser works!

  94. This sounds awesome – count me in!

  95. I can use some ‘clean’ in my life, thanks!

  96. Who doesn’t need cleaning help? Thanks!
    Magic eraser rocks!

  97. My son just moved out and I have to scour his room. I so need this!

  98. Clean? I like clean.

  99. 100 to win

  100. My house is dirty. The end.

  101. What Traci said…

  102. yay for stuff to clean with! Will it clean *for* me too?

  103. Oooh! Between Spring Cleaning and preparing for a new little one I could really use these.

  104. I am jealous of people who have cleaning people. My cleaning people is me. Spring cleaning has begun and Mr. Clean can certainly help.

  105. Cleaning supplies would be helpful. =)

  106. A little Mr. Clean would be much appreciated!

  107. Maybe this will help with the clean/dirty battle….. Thanks, Mir!

  108. Free gifts that are useful-that works for me and my shower.

  109. I’ll be sure to pass these to my hubby to test out 🙂

  110. I could really use this

  111. I have a fresh scent!

  112. Ooh, always had kind of a crush on Mr. Clean!

  113. LOVE cleaning products, just not the cleaning part. Maybe t his would help. 🙂

  114. Just in time for some spring cleaning!

  115. We could certainly use these!

  116. Love those Magic Erasers!!! MKW

  117. I am spending my birthday doing spring cleaning…there has to be some reward for that, right??

  118. It’s time for spring cleaning at my house. Mr. Clean would be a welcome addition!

  119. I heart Mr. Clean!

  120. Clean is good!

  121. Spring cleaning here I come, only if I win though, otherwise it’s gonna wait.

  122. i even *like* to clean!

  123. With two kids I could definitely use some Mr Clean.

  124. I love Mr. Clean products. And I am moving so what better time to use them?!

  125. My house can always use cleaning products.

  126. The ring of spring cleaning is in the air! (can you hear it?)

  127. A clean house? Woa, Nelly!

  128. I like his tight shirt.

  129. I assume Mr. Clean will arrive with the products in order to demonstrate their use, right?

  130. Glamorous or not I’m exicted about this prize!

  131. My house is so sad with lack of cleaning. Maybe this would be just the motivation I need (to train my children to clean it!)

  132. Yes, please!

  133. I love trying new cleaning products! I’m not sure what that says about me, but it’s true!

  134. What luck! I just ran out of shower cleaner this week!

  135. Spring cleaning!

  136. pick me please!

  137. I need to clean!!!

  138. Spring cleaning!

  139. I’ve found that those Magic Erasers really live up to their name. I’d love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  140. I certainly can use the help!!

  141. This could help out so much with all the cleaning I have to do. Thanks for a chance to win. Pick me!

  142. Love that “clean” smell, thanks!!!

  143. Magic Erasers are the bomb! I would love to win the trio of clean. Thanks, Mir.

  144. oh my house is so dirty! I NEED this. And magic fairies to actually use the stuff…

  145. time for spring cleaning…pick me please

  146. I’d have an incentive to clean if I win this.

  147. Oooh, I <3 Mr Clean… pick me pick me!

  148. I love cleaning products.

  149. I could really use more clean!

  150. maybe this will inspire me to clean!

  151. Pick me please!!

  152. Sounds good to me

  153. I hate cleaning!

  154. Hey, if I HAVE to scrub the place, free products make me feel batter about it!

  155.…me !!!!!

  156. Sounds good to me!

  157. Pick me, please!

  158. This will be great for spring cleaning!

  159. Maybe THAT would get me excited about spring cleaning? Or at least out of excuses…

  160. UGH – spring cleaning is like death and taxes. Can’t avoid either!

  161. Please pick us!

  162. if only the bald man would come and do the cleaning…

  163. yes please!!!

  164. oooh – yes please pick me

  165. Now the Mr. Clean jingle from way back when is stuck in my head…

  166. Oh – my mom would like these!

  167. Nothing beats the magic eraser! Woo-hoo!

  168. This would help us with our spring cleaning – if only we could get motivated to actually start :).

  169. I would LOVE to win this…and to get started on that spring cleaning.

  170. I have some major cleaning to get to so these would be great!

  171. Will this be my lucky day?

  172. Pick me!

  173. Clean is always cool and it’s just the right time of year!! Pick me:)

  174. Perfect timing for spring cleaning!!

  175. Me please! And thank you! (although then I wouldn’t have any excuse to NOT clean).

  176. Yes, please! We are trying to buy a house and need supplies!

  177. Shoot, if you were basing it off of gleaming bald heads, my husband would totally win… and he’d share with me, cause he’s nice like that. 🙂

  178. Count me in!

  179. Perfect! I’m trying to potty train my little boy, so I’m going through a lot of cleaners lately!!

  180. Sounds great!

  181. Well, I’d rather have cheesecake, but Mr. Clean is perfectly acceptable.

    Thanks, Mir!

  182. I hope I win!

  183. Maybe winning this would inspire me to clean more….

  184. Uh – my kids just decorated the walls of our house with crayon. Its a rental. Can I win, please?

  185. Woot! Flylady would love it if I won. 🙂

  186. Mr. Clean is the MAN !! and his cleaning products are great too. Pick me

  187. I sure need to clean!

  188. Anything magic eraser is a winner in my book!

  189. The magic eraser is the bomb. thanks

  190. My house will thank you!

  191. My husband would thank you.

  192. Ooh, I’m always looking to try new cleaning products! Which seems rather sad, now that I’ve typed it out… 🙂

  193. Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean don’t be cruel and mean,
    Come to my house and I won’t cause a scene.
    Everything will shine, and smell so fresh and nice,
    How do I win thee? Will begging and bad poetry suffice?

  194. Please tell the Random Number Generator that she is very pretty and that I seriously need help cleaning my house.

  195. I am wandering around my house wondering who is going to clean it? maybe Mr. Clean can help!

  196. Clean, Clean, Clean! I need to Spring Clean and these would help immensely.

  197. I love the Mr. Clean eraser. These new products look really neat!

  198. Would actually enjoy cleaning with some new fun products!!

  199. My cleaning supply stockpile is really low. I could use these to get me through til the next sale.

  200. Time for Spring Cleaning!

  201. Spring cleaning – yes, please!

  202. I hope my number is the lucky number! I love Mr Clean

  203. My husband, the cleaner, would be so delighted if we were the winners – and I would be able to say that I helped. 😉

  204. I remember when I was bald…

  205. I sure wouldn’t mind a little extra help with the spring cleaning. The problem is, when I say those two words together… everyone in my house disappears!

  206. We can always use extra cleaners

  207. Would love to win this.

  208. They’ll certainly get used around here! Thanks.

  209. Are you calling my house dirty? Okay, it’s dirty.

  210. Awesome. I would love this. I use a lot of cleaning products in my 3 bed/3 bath home. (Totally not bragging. It’s government housing. Too big for our small family. I kinda hate sometimes.) It’s get dirty too quickly!

  211. I love Mr. Clean products!

  212. My mother thinks you need to pick me. I’m not sure if I should be insulted or impressed that she thought of me when she saw cleaning products.

    I’m going with impressed — you know because I’ve got such a positive outlook on things 😉

  213. I have a fresh scent!!

  214. Hope I win! Lemony is a word, right?

  215. What Kacy said 😉

  216. Mr Clean you are the BEST !

  217. Ready to clean!

  218. I’m in!!

  219. A nice, clean contest!

  220. Pick me lucky number gen……

  221. Time for Spring cleaning!

  222. now if only it had a little maid to go with it too!!

  223. So my 3 kids, husband and myself have missed 8 days of school/work due to various viruses, strep throat and ear infections that we can’t seem to shake. I was considering spraying the entire house with bleach until I saw this please, please save me from the nasty germs trying to suck the life out of me….

  224. spring cleaning is calling my name

  225. If I win I’ll take it as a subtle hint that I should clean more 🙂

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