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By Mir
March 25, 2010

… if you either had, or desperately wanted to have, a flowered swim cap when you were a little girl.

(Guys, you’re exempt from this one. Obviously.)

Turns out, everything old is new again, and you can still wear plastic flowers on your head while you swim laps. Oh, wait—excuse me, now the flowers are latex. Which isn’t quite as horrific, but it’s still very close.

The things I find, sometimes… it’s scary out there, people.


  1. LOL! Thanks for the laugh so early this morning!! 🙂

  2. Maybe because I’m older and saw them in action, swim caps were for the frumpy old ladies who didn’t want to mess up their perms. So no, never wanted one! Even though I AM a frumpy old lady now. 😉

  3. OMG. This is the type of thing I’d buy because I think it’s hysterically funny but nobody else would see why it’s such a hoot.

    Our nextdoor neighbors growing up had a pool and the grandma had one of these caps. She’d take the flower off and let us dive for them.

  4. I think the chin strap just completes the look. SOOO tempted to get this as a gag gift for all my tri-athlete Mom friends. Or for my tri-athlete brother…

  5. Maybe it would distract people from my fat body:) hmmmm……

  6. I SOOOOOO want this for my birthday, which is next week. Any chance you got a free shipping deal for us on this one???

  7. You kill me, Mir. We had several variations on this swim cap hanging in our bathroom at the lake when I was little. Gotta love those chin straps. Ah, the memories…

  8. Now see, my 7yr old thinks this swimcap is the bees knees. She pointed out; however, that she could not wear this at a swim meet because the flowers would slow her down.

  9. I was thinking it would be the yellow one with white daisies. That’s the one I most remember.

  10. That is awesome!!

  11. Gah! That brings back horrific memories. I’m 40, and when I was a kid the local pool in my Chicago suburb MADE everyone with hair below their chin wear a bathing cap! Cruel and unusual punishment, if you ask me. Especially in the hideous flower laden varieties available back then. *shudders*

  12. um, wow.

  13. I think my mother in law has one of these…

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