If you have a Wii, you could have livestreaming

By Mir
April 20, 2010
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Just a little reminder—remember back when I alerted you to the upcoming ability to livestream Netflix via Wii? Well, the magical livestreaming disc is now available, so if you signed up before you should already have it.

If you didn’t sign up before, and you’re not already a subscriber? Go sign up for Netflix now—you can start with a free trial—and request your free livestreaming disc. You only have to have the $9/month subscription to take advantage of the “instant viewing” options, and we have loved being able to watch stuff instantly.

In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ve had the same movie disc sitting on top of the TV for months; we use the livestreaming all the time, though. (Because we are old and lazy and enjoy instant gratification and it’s a heckuva lot cheaper than going to the movie theater.)


  1. I have the disk for my PS3 and it is wonderful – we hardly watch cable anymore!

  2. We’ve got the Netflix via the Wii, iPad and HTPC. It’s great, but the selection is still not near what they have on DVD. It’s getting better all the time though.

  3. We just got Netflix and have streamed several movies over the Wii. I was very impressed with the video quality. So far it has worked great!!

  4. This has changed my life. The movie selection is not always amazing, but the TV series are generally pretty good. Now I can dork out and watch X-Files, Buffy and so on whenever I want!

  5. I am pleased with how ours has worked, too. The picture quality is great, the download time is minimal (seconds!) and the availability is growing slowly but surely. The only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of a search function – without it, one has to scroll through all the offerings in a given category. It’s far easier to add movies and shows to the Instant Watch queue while sitting at a computer.

    Alexis, you can come watch Buffy at my house anytime – I’ll join you!

  6. We watch Netflix on out Xbox 360, but I wasn’t aware we can watch it on the Wii too. We can stream from both? Awesome! Thanks!

  7. I don’t have Netflix (I don’t think that the deal is as good in Canada) but my parents do. I found out thanks to a saturday morning call to troubleshoot their wireless network – now they can stream to their wii.

    (If its my dad calling … I know its for tech support … best quote:
    Mom: “How do you know this stuff??”
    Me: “I used to work tech support remember? This is what I did all day”
    Mom: “Oh …. is THAT what you did at that job!”

  8. Can someone clarify something for me? Even if I just sign up for the cheapest package, where you get one movie at a time and only a certain number of them a month or whatever, do you still get UNLIMITED movies via livestream?

  9. okay, I just answered my own question by going through the steps to start a trial. Thanks!

  10. Thanks! I had heard something about this but it’s great to hear from folks actually using it. We’re signed up and if it goes well – we may cut the cable and just go digital over the air, netflix and internet. – Would save us about $100 month!

  11. And! We got our Wii disc last week and I didn’t activate it right away, so a few days after it arrived I got an email from Netflix, offering me 10% off next month’s fees if I would just activate the disc already.

    My kids spent the next three hours watching SpongeBob via streaming video. (Well, it seemed like three hours anyway.)

  12. My family loves this! We cancelled our cable and don’t even miss it. Plenty of TV episodes (especially Disney Channel) to keep everyone happy.

  13. We have the disc that you use with the blue ray player/computer or whatever. (I let my husband worry about the details). Anyway, we love it. My 5 year old demands to pick movies from “the list on the computer” regularly! (We watch it on our TV.)

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