Reminder: Shabby Apple contest

By Mir
May 6, 2010
Category Contests

Don’t forget—you still have until early tomorrow morning to enter to win a Shabby Apple dress! I mean, hey, if you don’t want a totally cute free dress, then don’t bother, I guess. But that would just be weird.

As always, please leave your comment on the contest post to have a valid entry and a shot at winning the dress. Comments on this post are reserved for discussion about how cute my dog is. Trust me, she’s terribly cute (and she knows it). Point being, don’t try to enter the contest on this post.

But Licorice would be totally down with you scratching her chin.


  1. Licorice is adorable! And at least you don’t have to worry about losing her in the snow, she’s nice and dark!

  2. Big, sad eyes and oh so fwuffy! Who’s a pretty girl? Who’s a pretty girl??

    (Sorry, caught me with my ‘talking to dogs’ voice.)

  3. What a cutie pie! I’ll bet she wraps you around her little paw.

  4. She fought the snow, and the snow won!
    She fought the sno-ow, and the snow won!

  5. I can’t help but try to imagine how pretty Licorice would look in one of those dresses . . .

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