It’s a cardboard wonderland

By Mir
June 7, 2010
Category Contests

I wonder what I’m doing now. I mean, not now, when I’m writing this, last week, but now, when you read it. Wow, future publishing is confusing.

Anyway! I am off on vacation, but you probably aren’t. And I’m feeling badly about that. So—a contest for you while I’m away. Sound good? Yes?

Allow me to introduce you to the cool Calafant cardboard structures available at Creative Toyshop. They’re so cool, we’ve covered them over at Cool Mom Picks several times. Maybe you’re familiar with them already. But if you aren’t, check ’em out: It’s a dollhouse (or castle, or whatever) made out of cardboard, that your kid gets to assemble (without glue, very easy) and decorate before getting down to the business of pretend play. If they ever tire of it (not likely, but kids do have a pesky habit of growing up), into the recycle bin it goes. Very cool.

Creative Toyshop has been generous enough to offer one Calafant structure up as a contest prize. The winner will receive either the Calafant Dollhouse or the Calafant Pirate Fortress (my personal favorite, because, come on, pirates!). You don’t have to share it with your kids, even.

Want to win? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post telling me whether you want the dollhouse or the pirate fortress by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Friday, June 11th, 2010 for a chance to win. As always, winner determined by random number generation and ability to follow the rules. Please note: I’m making the entry period for this one a little longer, on account of my trip, and the winner will not be announced until next Monday.

Ready? Go!


  1. oh, my family NEEDS the pirate playhouse. I hope we win! Thanks for sponsoring the contest, Calafant!

  2. Wow, so cool! We’d love the dollhouse.

  3. My three (and one to be) wee pirates say Arrrrrgh! Give us a pirate play house any time! 😀

  4. A dollhouse!

  5. As a resident of the Pirate Coast of Florida, there’s no question: pirate fortress.

  6. Pirate please

  7. ARRRGGHH! We love pirates here!

  8. My daughter would LOVE the dollhouse!

  9. Well, I guess it wouldn’t go over well to ask for the dollhouse since I only have a boy and no girl. So pirates it is.

  10. Pirate fortress, please!!!

  11. I had a conversation with my daughter 6 year old daughter last night about how she wants a doll house. That her brothers Batman Cave wasn’t working for her anymore. I don’t want to invest in the whole doll house and furniture, so this would be perfect!!!!

  12. Dollhouse please

  13. Holy cow, my 3yo would LOVE the pirate fortress!! What a great giveaway!

  14. i’d love that dollhouse!

  15. I think I’d go for the pirate fortress – princesses & pirates could both play in there!

  16. Definitely the pirate fortress for my little guy. He would LOVE it!

  17. Definitely the Pirate Fortress, what a great idea!

  18. With 5 boys, the pirate fortress would be my choice!

  19. I’d love the pirate fortress for my boys!

  20. Aarghhh! Pirate fortress for my nephew, please!

  21. OOOH! I almost bought one for my niece awhile back but I didn’t want to pay their shipping costs! Now it is my nephew’s birthday soon and the Pirate Fortress I would love to send him!

  22. Definitely the pirate fortress!

  23. i would love the dollhouse

  24. Oooh! We would love the pirate fortress around here!

  25. Pirate Fortress! This would be awesome for my 3 year old.

  26. we’d prefer the pirate fortress…

  27. I think the dollhouse. Thanks!

  28. pirate fortress me please!

  29. Arrgh! It’ll be the pirate fortress for these laddies!

  30. My kids would adore the pirate fortress!

  31. Pirate fortress!

  32. Dollhouse please!

  33. Totally want the pirate fortress!

  34. Dollhouse please 🙂

  35. Pirate fortress please!

  36. Pirates “arrrhhh” the best 🙂 My boys would love the pirate fortress.

  37. My girls would go crazy over the dollhouse!

  38. Pirate fortress, pretty please and thank you! My girls can give it to their dad for Father’s Day and MAYBE he’ll let them play with it too.

  39. we’d love the pirate fortress here – thanks for the chance!

  40. The pirate fortress looks awesome. Thanks!

  41. My nephew (and let’s be real… myself, as well) would love the pirate fortress!

  42. Love this! Dollhouse here please!

  43. My 9 year old has unexpectedly expressed a recent desire for a dollhouse. This is entirely out of character, because she’s far (far!) from “girly”. But I am too frugal to spend a fortune on a real dollhouse for her. This could potentially move me from horrible mother to mother of the year.

  44. My boys would LOVE the pirate fortress!! What a super cool idea!

  45. Dollhouse, please!

  46. Yo ho ho! Pirates fortress matey! Argh! Thanks!

  47. Argh! My two lil’pirate boys would LOVE a fortress of their own, so fun!

  48. Oh! Pirate fortress! Arrrrrr, please!

  49. My son would love the Pirate Fortress. Thanks.

  50. the pirate fortress would be very cool

  51. Fun! Pirate fortress for us, please! Thanks – Jessica

  52. Pirate please. Thank you!

  53. As much as I’d enjoy the pirates, I have two girly girls. And three girly girl cousins who live in town. It would have to be the dollhouse.

  54. Nail biting here…can’t choose….must choose.

    I’m going to go with the doll house. My daughter would love it.

    Thanks, Mir.

  55. Let’s go for the dollhouse!

  56. Pirates please! What a great find – thanks Mir!

  57. Yay for Pirates! (ps–what has 8 arms & 8 legs? 8 pirates. aargh!)

  58. pirate would be awesome!

  59. ooooh…. tough decision… I’m going with the Dollhouse!

  60. Pirates, for sure.

  61. Dollhouse, please. 🙂

  62. most certainly the dollhouse!

  63. I’d love that pirate fortress — way cool.

  64. pick me for the pirate please

  65. We’d like the dollhouse…thanks!

  66. Aaargh! Pirate fortress, please!

  67. Both my “boys” would love the Pirate fortress! (One boy is 40 something)

  68. totally love the pirate one!

  69. Pirates, for sure, I say. Aye, Aye!

  70. The Pirates Fortress, PLEASE! 😉

  71. Definitely the Pirate Fortress for my girls. Thanks!

  72. Pirate fortress!

  73. for sure the Pirate Fortess; my son would love it! Thanks, Mir! I hope this time is my lucky number!

  74. Pirate!

  75. the Pirate Fortress! My daughter and son would have a blast with that!

  76. So fun, and pirate fortress!

  77. The dollhouse would be my first choice – if only because a dollhouse is something my little girl does not yet have while her big brother has plenty of pirates.

  78. Hmm… hard call… I’ll say dollhouse.

  79. How to choose? I want the pirate ship and my two girls would love the dollhouse. I guess that means I’m overruled! A dollhouse it is. 🙂

  80. Hit me with the dollhouse, Mir!! THANKS FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THIS AWESOME COMPANY!!!

  81. A dollhouse would be lovely.

  82. Pirate fortress! Pirates are cool!

  83. Wow, how fun! We would love to win the pirate castle!

  84. Pirates, please!! Even my daughter will have fun- maybe her brother will make her walk the plank…..

  85. Oh good Lord, my son would love that pirate castle. Pretty please!

  86. I would love that pirate fortress!

  87. Oh that Pirate Fortress. I kinda want it for ME, but if I win it I promise to share it with my kids. (Maybe)

  88. Rrrrrrrrrr – the pirate fortress, please.

  89. My daughter would love he dollhouse. (I am sure I would too!) thanks, Mir.

  90. Very cool! Would love to win the dollhouse for my daughter!

  91. Pirate Fortress! Would be great for my classroom….or my son…hmmm…..

  92. loooooove this! dollhouse please!

  93. Want!

  94. oh, wow, jackson NEEDS a pirate fortress!

  95. the pirate fortress for sure!

  96. Pirate Fortress of course!

  97. Wow, those are SOOOOOO cool. My young man would love the Pirate Fortress!

  98. Arrg…the Pirate Fortress for sure, Matey!

    My son would love it.

  99. Pirate Fortress, of course!

  100. My girls would love the pirate fortress!

  101. Argggg – Pirates, Please!

  102. Definitely the pirate fortress — my son would love it!

  103. Dollhouse – thanks so much!!!

  104. My Son would LOVE the pirate playhouse. As would our cats. *G*

  105. pirate fortress! love it!

  106. I would love to win the Pirate Fortress, matey!

  107. Arrrgh! It’s a pirate house we be wantin’ (You can bet your booty on that!)

  108. My 2 boys would love the pirate one, they would love playing with their lego guys on it!

  109. My girl is a girlie girl, so she would love the dollhouse. Thanks!

  110. Pirate fortress, please!

  111. The pirate one would be AWESOME!

  112. Dollhouse! (I have a boy…but love the idea of making it into a gingerbread house this winter) 🙂

  113. pirate fortress please!!!

  114. It’s gotta be the pirate playhouse – my 3 boys would probably just destroy the dollhouse!! :o)

  115. My girls would ADORE the dollhouse!

  116. Pirate playhouse, please!

  117. We’d love to have the pirate fortress, matey!

  118. Wow, those are super cool! Which to pick? I guess I’ll go with the pirate fortress. Everyone around here would love it!

  119. We’d love the pirate fortress!

  120. for sure the pirate fortress please

  121. My daughters would love the doll house, please!

  122. Pirates! Awesome.

  123. Pirate!

  124. Oh Boy! Pirates abound at this house. Pirate fortress for me (um, I mean, for the kids).

  125. Ahoy matey it’s a pirate life for us!

  126. Pirate Fortress! Pretty Please!

  127. My twin girls would *love* the pirate one!

  128. Oh wow! My three boys would *LOVE* the pirate fortress!!!

  129. My son NEEDS the Pirate Fortress.

  130. My son would love the pirate fortress!

  131. I’d love the Pirate Fortress!

  132. Pirate Fortress, for sure! That really brings out the imagination.

  133. Definitely pirate fortress. Thank you!

  134. My daughter would love the castle. Thanks!

  135. Oh man, I love this. The dollhouse would RULE!

  136. Arrrgggh matey, shiver me timbers, pirates for the likes of us please!

  137. The dollhouse

  138. pirates for my girls please!

  139. Pirates! Arr!

  140. Pirate Fortress, please!

  141. pirate fortress

  142. My 2-year-old granddaughter is always trying to fit inside a barbie dollhouse (by laying her head on the plastic fold down bed. She would love a “just her size” dollhouse!!

  143. Oh, the boys in this house could us a toy that their sisters can’t obscound with! The pirate fortress would be awesome!

  144. Arrr! It’s a pirate’s life for me!

  145. How fun – dollhouse!

  146. Pirate fortress would be perfect for my scurvy dogs!

  147. Priate fortress!! Looks like fun!

  148. Dollhouse! For my two year old son! Perfection!

    And you are very pretty.

  149. This is a tough choice…but I think the Dollhouse would be best! Thanks

  150. The dollhouse would keep my kids entertained for awhile! Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  151. My son would so love the PIRATE FORTRESS!

  152. Ooooohhhh! I think the Fortress because I have a boy and a girl. Pirates or Princess Castle! Score!

  153. Arr Pirates!

  154. Pirate fortress!

  155. Pirate fortress!

  156. Oh the dollhouse, please

  157. My kids would love the dollhouse, please! Thank you!

  158. Piarates rocks!

  159. That pirate fortress needs to be in my house! Argh!

  160. My son would love the pirate fortress!

  161. pirate fortress, please! thank you.

  162. My Sunday school girls would love the dollhouse.

  163. Pirates for us, please!

  164. Pirate fortress! way too cool

  165. We’d like the dollhouse, please!

  166. Personally, I’d love the pirate castle, but since I would be passing it on to my nieces, I suppose I should pick the dollhouse. Sigh. 🙂

  167. Pirate fortress please!

  168. Grandsons AND Pirates ROCK!!!!

  169. The grandson NEEDS a fortress!

    Thanks, Mir!

  170. How fun! Thanks!

  171. Neat! My daughter would love the dollhouse!

  172. My boys would love to play pirate…. 🙂

  173. pirate fortress, please. 🙂

  174. ARGH, tough call, but I have to go with the dollhouse.

  175. Oh my, I, I mean my daughter would LOVE the dollhouse. 😉

  176. A dollhouse for our 3 girls would definitely be loved! 🙂 Thanks!

  177. ooh, we’d love the pirate fortress

  178. Dollhouse, please!

  179. Pirate Fortress!!!

  180. So my daughter would think I’m the coolest (not that she doesn’t already because well she’s four and she doesn’t know she doesn’t have to think I’m cool quite yet) if we won the dollhouse – hip hip horray!

  181. Cool summer activity. Would love either but guess I’ll choose the Pirates!

  182. We only have pirates here, me ‘hearty! So a pirate one would be our choice!!

  183. I would win best mother of the year award if I got the pirate fortress for my pirate obsessed children!

  184. Pirate fortress, please!

  185. Pirate playhouse please!!

  186. Arrrg, the pirate one.

  187. The dollhouse is our pick.

  188. Pirate fortress – too cool!

  189. I’m on the fence, but the dollhouse would get more use right now.

  190. My kiddos birthday this summer, and if I don’t win the giveaway I think I know what I’m gonna buy them for b-day gifts. If I do win, I’d love the pirate one. 🙂

  191. We’d love the dollhouse! Since we’d be decorating it ourselves, we could make it into a superhero hideout for all my kids Marvel guys!

  192. Pirate fortress – my little boy would LOVE this!

  193. My son would love the pirate fortress!!! These look like so much fun!!

  194. Mir, let’s hope all the pirates are having too much fun at their fortress and leave you alone on the high seas! I

  195. Dollhouse please!!

  196. Oh wow, that pirate fortress is awesome! My kids would love that!

  197. Aye Matey! The pirate fortress is way cool!

  198. How cool! Most definitely the pirate fortress at our house!

  199. Dollhouse please!

  200. Woo-hoo! My son would love the pirate one for his birthday! This is like the box the refrigerator came in, only WAAAAAY cooler!!!!!

  201. Definitely the pirate fortress – my kids would LOVE this! Thank you!

  202. ohoh oh oh oh oh oh PIRATE fortress please! These are A W E S O M E !!!

  203. The pirate fortress would go over great here!

  204. The dollhouse for my 3 little dolls, please!!!

  205. We need the pirate fortress. thank you.

  206. My daughter and her little friends would love the pirate fortress. Thanks! Have a great trip.

  207. Oh definitely the doll house. I have 7 granddaughters and one grandson — so he is outnumbered! Thanks for the contest. Enjoy your vacation!!

  208. My 2 little Princesses would LOVE this!
    Hope your having a fabulous time!

  209. Wow! I’m not sure which one my two girls would like best! Great contest! Thanks!

  210. My pirates would love that!

  211. I would probably choose the dollhouse for my 6 year-old granddaughter who just became a big sister yesterday!

  212. The dollhouse would be a huge hit at our house!

  213. A certain princess niece of mine would LOVE the dollhouse!

  214. My daughter would love that dollhouse!

  215. oh how awesome!

  216. Now that is really cool! I’m torn, but think that the dollhouse may have to win out over the pirate one.

  217. Arrrgggghhhh! I want some pirates!

  218. With two foster kids (a boy and a girl), either one of the structures would work out just fine!

  219. What a fun way to do a dollhouse!

  220. These are really neat! Both cool, but the Dollhouse take the cake.

  221. dollhouse, please!

  222. Arrr, me hearty! Methinks the pirate fortress would best suit this band of skallywags! (OK, I’ll stop talking in pirate now…)

  223. Yarrr, my kid would love the pirate fortress!

  224. the dollhouse is adorable, my daughter would love it. great idea. Have fun on your cruise.

  225. Definitely Dollhouse!

  226. ooooh! my daughter would go bananas over the dollhouse. thanks for the opportunity!

  227. We’d love the Pirate Fortress! Thanks.

  228. A pirate fortress sounds like a fabulous way to spend the sweltering hot days of summer! Pick us please!

  229. Chico needs the pirate fortress. We have a whole ‘family’ of pirates left over from his birthday cake, and they need a place to live.

  230. Definitely pirates – Sounds awesome!

  231. Pirates, please!

  232. My 2nd is a boy and he really needs the pirate fortress to compete with the girly world of his sister’s toys! Thanks!

  233. We positively NEED the pirate fortress. HOW FUN!!!

  234. A pirate fortress for me!

  235. My two sons would love the pirate fortress!

  236. Love this! I have 5 girls and 4 boys, truly either would be a welcome distraction… I mean gift.

  237. I would love the dollhouse for my 2 girls. Summer’s coming, I’m gonna need fun things to pull out when they start the “I’m boooored” whining!

  238. arghhhh….we want pirate playhouse!

  239. I think my boys would prefer the pirate ship. 😀
    Thanks – and have a wonderful sea-venture!

  240. My 3 yr old daughter is fascinated by pirates after a recent trip to Walt Disney World. We would have so much fun with the Pirate Playhouse. 🙂

  241. The dollhouse please!!!

  242. Pirate fortress please!

  243. Those look great! Dollhouse, please.

  244. The dollhouse please!!!!

  245. Pirate Fortress!!! Woo hoo

  246. Yes, the cardboard play toys are terrific. Even my daughter would like the pirate playhouse. I’d guess that they are also recyclable.

  247. We are pretty rough on dollhouses here, a new one would be nice.

  248. pirates !!!!! arrrrrr!

  249. Pirate fortress Please!!!

  250. If I don’t *win* the pirate fortress, I’ll be buying one for my son’s birthday…
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  251. My son is crazy about pirates! He and his little brother would have a blast with the pirate fortress. Thanks!

  252. My girls would love the dollhouse!

  253. AArrggh! My 3 little guys would love the pirate fortress!

  254. Pirate fortress please!

  255. I’d love the pirate fortress…I mean the kids… 🙂

  256. Pirate fortress!

  257. i’d like the pirate fortress, but i guess i’ll sign my five GIRLS up for the dollhouse (cuz i’m a good mom that way!).

  258. My girls would LOVE the dollhouse

  259. Argggggh, me heartie! Definitely the pirate fortress.

  260. Oh jeez, I have two boys and two girls. But I think the girls are going to win out on this thing. Dollhouse, if you please!

  261. What a wonderful surprise the Pirate’s Fortress would be for my 4 grandsons.

  262. Pirate Fortress please. My Son has an older sister who makes him play with her princess castle. He loves pirates and this would be WONDERFUL!

  263. Pirates, please!!

  264. Awesome, my kids would love this! Pirates for us pleeeeeeeease!

  265. Pirates here! Thanks!

  266. Holy cool! The pirate life is the life for me!

  267. OH dollhouse! Dollllllllhoussssssssssse!

  268. we would love the dollhouse!!!!!

  269. My two boys would get lots of use out of the pirate fortress

  270. Just another contest i will enter and not win the Pirate cardboard box.

  271. I would love the pirate fortress, we got the dollhouse for Christmas and the kids had a blast with it till they totally destroyed it!

  272. my five boys would love to destroy – I mean, play with – a pirate fortress

  273. The pirate fortress would be great!

  274. The dollhouse would be a big hit with my girls!

  275. pirate, please!

  276. The pirate ship would be awesome!!

  277. How about the dollhouse!! THX…

  278. Pirate Fortress to keep my 2 little boys busy this summer please

  279. Pirate fortress!

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