Reminder: French Toast contest

By Mir
July 14, 2010
Category Contests

Don’t forget—you only have a few more hours (until early tomorrow morning) to enter the contest to win French Toast school uniforms. The winner will receive his/her choice of three complete outfits, so why wouldn’t you enter? (And, um, psssst, even if your child doesn’t go to a school with a uniform code, who couldn’t use some polos and khakis?)

As always, for a valid entry into the contest, please leave a comment on the contest post, not this one. Comments on this post are reserved for best-laid-plans laments, such as this one: Guess who stocked up on clothes for back-to-school for her son way early and guess whose son went and had a growth spurt? Yes. That would be me. A drawerful of pristine, brand new pants that are too small. Awesome.


  1. Sure why not – we always need clothes for church!

  2. (mock, point)

    My little girl is in a twirly skirts and dresses phase, I don’t think she’d touch khakis with a 10 foot pole. But she’ll still go into the mud and catch a frog.

    Best-laid-plans gone awry is the story of my life. It’s such the norm, that no one occasion is standing out!

  3. that’s what you get for feeding him on the cruise.

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