Winner of the Nestle contest

By Mir
August 31, 2010
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Were you around this weekend, and smart and pretty enough to enter the contest to win some Nestle Toll House goodies? If so, you may be about to be a whole lot happier. And cookies-ier. Cookier? Whatever.

(Aside: I love how some contests which I expect to be hugely popular end up being kind of lukewarm, but then I announce I have coupons for free cookies and y’all come out of the woodwork. I like the priorities here.)

Anyway! I have only one prize pack to give away, on account of my children already swarmed over the other one. Hee. Our winner out of 237 entries—according to the random number generator—is commenter number 10, Brunette. Congratulations, Brunette (thinking that may not be your real name…)—please check your email! I’ll be sending you Nestle Toll House aprons, cookie recipe ideas, and coupons for free chips and cookie dough.

As always, big thanks to all who played, and special thanks to the generous folks at Nestle for donating the goodies both to my rotten kids family and to our winner. If you don’t love cookies, you may just be dead inside. (That would be a great tag line, Nestle. You have my permission to use it, free of charge!)

Don’t forget, you can still enter this week’s contest to win a Babies ‘R’ Us certificate from Trading Cradles, so don’t forget to do that if you haven’t already.

1 Comment

  1. I have to confess something: I didn’t enter in the Toll House Cookies contest because it seemed so focused towards families with kids and I didn’t want to be the Grinch who stole the cookies.

    And yet… I’m dying for a cookie here!

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