The kid equivalent of “an app for that”

By Mir
September 20, 2010
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Are your kids super secret agents? Mine are. They accumulate gadgets and assure me that they have the perfect gizmo for whatever secret mission may come their way, and frankly, I’m happy for anything that gets them out and running around, rather than sitting in front of the computer or the television.

With that in mind, I present to you this week’s contest: Because the only thing cooler for a kid than a pair of binoculars is… binoculars that are also six other things. Seriously, how cool is this little gadget from Coghlan’s? It folds up small but works as binoculars, a compass, a signal mirror, a magnifying glass, and more. (Okay, I had to look up what a linen counter was. Because I didn’t realize counting linen was a thing. Maybe that function isn’t going to be quite so useful, but whatever.)

I have two of these 7-function binoculars for kids to give away this week. Want to win one? Of course you do! Please go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 to be entered. Winners to be determined by random number generation and how much linen counting they need to do. Heh.

Ready? Go!

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  1. Me!!! I have a young boy who would love this!!!!

  2. okay i had to look up linen counting, too. LOL. Count me IN!

  3. My 7 year old’s favorite book right now is *Harriet the Spy,* so this would be wonderful. Now, I need to look up linen counting.

  4. I don’t know anything about linen counting, but I do know that my son would LOVE these.

  5. My 4yo Son would love i!

  6. I hope I win…!

  7. Perfect for my nephew!

  8. Oh! I have four secret agents that would LOVE those! 🙂

  9. Awesome! Thank you for the chance!

  10. My kids would love to fight over this!

  11. Linen counting…who knew?

  12. ooooo … i have kiddos who love to go on african adventures in our backyard. i think these binoculars would make sighting zebras a lot easier! 😉

  13. My six year old would think this was the coolest!

  14. Would love to have these for my grandsons for line counting, etc.

  15. Pretty please?

  16. cool giveaway.

  17. My eleven year old son is autistic and doesn’t like to do anything that requires physical effort, but is FASCINATED with anything having to do with nature and the natural world. These seven-in-one binoculars would be PERFECT for getting him out and about exploring his world!

  18. My 8 year old spy daughter would LOVE this! Thanks, Mir!

  19. Sounds great!!

  20. Ooh! Can’t I win both?! Both my boys would LOVE this! Guess if I win they’ll have to learn to share 🙂

  21. Sweet! My kids would LOVE this!

  22. My daughter would LOVE it!!

  23. This looks like a dream come true for my son!

  24. Yes please! Thanks!

  25. Pick Me; Pick Me!!!

  26. He’d be even more of a superhero with these.

  27. We are campers and this would be an excellent addition to the camping box. Awesome!

  28. My son would DIE for this!

  29. Looks like a great addition to my boys’ “good behavior” grab bag!

  30. how cool! thanks for offering!

  31. This sounds cool.

  32. very cool!

  33. Sounds like loads of fun for my 8 year old!

  34. This sounds like so much fun!!

  35. My 3 year old could retire his dad’s golf scope that he currently uses as binoculars!

  36. My boys are forever playing as super secret spies. This would be great to win!

  37. I want, I want! I mean, yes, please.

  38. Wow! These are really cool. I would love to win one for my son. Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. My six-year old would go BANANAS for this!

  40. Hmmm, but which child would I give it to?

  41. Oh my goodness! My nephew would just have soo much fun with this! 🙂

  42. What kid wouldn’t love this?

  43. my boys would love them!

  44. soooo…you looked up linen counter but didn’t explain it to us? i am curious and yet oh so lazy.

  45. I am so in!

  46. I have a nephew who would love this!

  47. I have two boys who would absolutely love this!

  48. What a great gadget!

  49. I might need three of these – scratch that, four. One for me, too!

  50. Very cool. Thanks!

  51. We have lots of linen counting to do. This would be perfect.

  52. This would be awesome for my daughter…although she may have to pry it out of her dad’s hands!

  53. A GREAT gift for my nephews! 🙂

  54. Oh, do I have a five year old girl that NEEDS this! And better throw one in for her daddy as well.

  55. Sounds great.

  56. This looks very cool!

  57. I’d prefer if it was a linen folder but a counter will work I suppose.

  58. This looks like so much fun.

  59. I’d love to win a set of these. The only hard part is then deciding which child gets them.

  60. What? Kids are supposed to get off the couch. This is certainly going to shake things up at my house. Binoculars would sure help. You’re so pretty!

  61. Me please !

  62. I have a four year-old who would really dig this!

  63. PLEASE, Mr. Random Number Generator! PLEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE pick MEEEEEE! My kids would LOVE this with the passion of a thousand suns!
    (Not that that made any sense at all….)

  64. My son would love these!

  65. Pick me, please!

  66. That sounds great!! Thanks, Mir!

  67. Both my kids would love this!

  68. My boys would LOVE to fight over a pair of these!

  69. My sons would both think this was awesome!

  70. My boys would love it!! Very cool!

  71. My son would love this. His binoculars just broke last week and I have been looking for new ones. He carried them everywhere. Crossing my fingers.

  72. this sound great! My Marlie-Moo would love this.

  73. My 5 yr old has been begging for binoculars and a compass… get them both in one gadget that also does other stuff would be sooooo awesome!

  74. Spy gear! My son would be all over that!

  75. Very cool!

  76. I think my husband and my son might fight over this. :o)

  77. Sign me up

  78. My nephew would love this.

  79. My girl scout would think that these are the best thing ever

  80. sounds cool!

  81. my kids would love that!

  82. More goodies for the grandkids. Thanks, Mir!

  83. These would be a big hit in my house, I’m sure. Thanks.

  84. This is right up our alley!

  85. My son is going to freak out!

  86. Wow! How super cool!!! I have two boys that would fight over this…to the death!!

  87. I have a 10 year old who would love these!!

  88. very nice…

  89. Pick me!

  90. These look very cool! And thanks to an earlier commenter who reminded me that my daughter is just the right age for Harriet the Spy. I loved that book!

  91. Dig it!

  92. My sons (11 and 8) would love these binoculars. Both of my boys have an interest in astronomy and science and would love to have a set of these binoculars. My older son just joined the STEM club at school and wants to be a scientist. The binoculars would mean alot to them. Thanks for your blog. It’s wonderful! Take care.

  93. My 11yo son would love these!

  94. I have a grandson that would love these. Pick me! Pick me! LOL

  95. i have two wild animal sons that love nothing more than counting linen.
    count me in!

  96. my son would love this!

  97. How cool!

  98. Please enter me – I know a couple gadget loving little ones.

  99. I’m the mom and that sounds like fun (for me )!

  100. My kids would love this.

  101. Thanks! My kids would love this!

  102. How cool. My son would love something like that!

  103. Ooooo…. Very cool.

  104. That’s way too cool to pass up

  105. yay!

  106. Ohhhhh… I smell a great birthday gift for my favorite explorer!!

  107. This would be a big hit at my house! Thanks!

  108. My sons would LOVE this!!

  109. I would love to have these for hiking but know my grandson would be thrilled to have them. I feel lucky!

  110. that would be pretty cool!

  111. This would make my son so happy. He would make it into a superhero something-or-other!!

  112. Now that is cool! Would be perfect in my son’s homemade “spy kit!” LOL!

  113. Super Fresh y’all! My kid would go nuts for that.

  114. My nature loving boys would flip over these!

  115. My boys would LOVE this!!

  116. Lots of little boys ’round here who would love this. Though probably not for linen counting…

  117. Oh man, my son would go nuts for this! Not to mention my husband…

  118. I would have a seriously hard time deciding who to gift these to. Going to look up linen counting……

  119. Oh, my kids would love this so much! Thank you!

  120. oh my daughter would adore this!

  121. My boys would love that.

  122. We just went to the Spy Museum in DC and we didn’t see anything like this…

  123. My 7 year old daughter would love them!

  124. I have 2 boys that could scare up all sorts of trouble with that thing!

  125. That sounds like the perfect gift for my nephew!

  126. Not sure how useful the linen counting would be, but the kid I have in mind would love everything else.

  127. Sounds like some nice outdoor fun!

  128. Oh…my son would LOVE this!

  129. Perhaps my nephew can hone his linen counting skills if I win.

  130. Sounds fun.

  131. Counting linen is totally a respectable hobby. THanks, Mir!

  132. Those are totally cool. Thanks!

  133. My son would love these!

  134. Awesome, would love to win these for my daughter!

  135. Oh, my son would love this. Perfect for the Boy Scout campouts.

  136. Very cool. If I win I will most likely have to buy a second one since I have two kids 🙂 lol

  137. Oooh, these would be great for my kids, they love gadgety-stuff! 🙂 Please pick me!

  138. My super sleuth daughter would love these!

  139. I’m not going to lie….my husband would like these as much as the 5 y/o. Great when they go geo-caching

  140. oh, count me in!

  141. Is a linen counter something you use to see if you need to buy new sheets?
    Either way, my kids would love some cool binoculars!

  142. These sound fun! Thanks.

  143. those look like so much fun!

  144. Totally awesome – my girl would LOVE these!

  145. My kids would love this. Thanks, Mir!

  146. Always in need of binoculars! 🙂

  147. cooler for a kid? how about cooler for me! thanks Mir!

  148. My son would love these!

  149. My 9 year old son would love these!

  150. Oh these would be a perfect Christmas gift for my nephew!

  151. My sons would be really excited if I win.

  152. My daughter has a ton of spy gear and she would LUV this!

  153. Perfect for my 6-year-old Tiger Cub little boy!

  154. My boys would go crazy for this. And they are 11 & 8. Best imaginary play kids ever. This could help in creating their next scenario. Thanks Mir!

  155. Maybe I could get my compass back… or maybe I’d just keep this one for myself – kid doesn’t care about the thread count of the sheets, but I do 🙂

  156. This would be great for my son who is in cub scouts!

  157. ooh sounds awesome!! My kids love to explore!!

  158. We are all about the super sneaky spying and general shenanigans at my house…until the girls figure out that they can use those powers *against me* of course. 🙂

    Thanks for such a cool contest!

  159. I think my little Aspie would totally dig this. 🙂

  160. Cool, thanks Mir!

  161. My son will be turning 5 the 26th and he woould love to have these. He is fasinated with gadgets.

  162. Am I allowed to say that I want one of these? No? I promise to share it with my 7 year old…

  163. I need these to spy on my kids. 🙂

  164. My oldest would LOVE this!

  165. Oooooohhh.. my kids would probably fight my husband over it. So worth it. That is one cool gadget!

  166. Oooh, I can spy on the neighbors, oops, I mean my son can watch birds!

  167. My grandson would love to have these. Would it be okay to use them first?

  168. I have the perfect nine year old nephew in mind for these!

  169. This would make a young boy VERY happy!

  170. YES!

  171. I have two kids who would love those. Thanks!

  172. While driving today, I watched a huge crane fly overhead… and POOP. How much cooler would it have been to watch that crane take an inflight crap through binoculars?

  173. my daughter would LOVE this!

  174. My twins would love this!

  175. Fun stuff! Thanks! Jessica

  176. Yes please!

  177. Me, me, me! (Kinda says it all, right?)

  178. I have several grandchildren that would love to play with this “gaget”.

  179. how fun!!

  180. Two of my boys would love these! And while I do not have a “pitiful stoned-doggie picture” to sway your mind my way, I will tell you that I have had very little sleep over the past weeks because i have been super busy working, and caring for my three boys (did I mention i have 3 (!) boys (!!)), and a dog (who has all of her teeth – sorry! – but who has arthritis and makes a really sad puppy face when my youngest son “mistakes” her for a stuffed animal), and two of the boys have had colds after only two days of school, and…oh, and my next door neighbor had rats in his front yard who kept running in front of our house (and did I mention I have a rodent phobia?)…so well, if none of these things (which are all actually true!) make me the winner, maybe I could still get the cool “binoculars that are also six other things” because…well, I read all (well, most…or at least 2) of your blogs! 🙂

  181. Would love it!

  182. Would love to win this.

  183. awesome!

  184. This would be a great Christmas present for my son.

  185. A 4 yr olds idea of heaven

  186. Looks fun

  187. My kids would love this! Thanks for the chance!!

  188. My 5 year old son would love to get this.

  189. Those sound like a lot of fun for my little boy.

  190. Yay! MIR is fantastic!

  191. Sweet!

  192. Love them!!

  193. oooh my munchkin would LOVE these.

    Thanks Mir!

  194. Oh, my 8 year old daughter would love to add these to her spy collection.

  195. Fabulous!

  196. I’m in! Thanks for the opportunity, Mir.

  197. Yes, running late – but still grateful for the opportunity. . .

  198. My son would love this!!

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