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By Mir
September 20, 2010
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What’s a better way to kick off the week than with some unexpected benefits to make you feel warm and fuzzy? Well, okay, maybe benefits and chocolate, but this is pretty good, too.

Seattle area Amazon shoppers: This is enough to make me wish I lived in Washington, people—check out the new AmazonTote program. Free delivery to your door in reusable tote bags, on certain products/days if you live in their delivery area. Sweeeeeeet.

Discover Card devotees: Enrollment is currently open for the 2010 4th quarter Get More promotion, which is up to 5% back on Restaurants and Fashion purchases from October 1st through the end of the year. All you need to do is sign in, click to sign up, and bam, you’re making extra money.

There. Isn’t your week feeling better already?

Pssst! Have you read about Save Up ’10 and voted for Want Not so that I can learn even more ways to save you money? Every click helps!


  1. We’d love to have you in Washington, but make sure you bring your rain gear. We are experiencing our 4th wettest September on record and we still have 1 1/2 weeks left to go with more rain in the forecast!

  2. Thank you again for the Discover card reminder! You are a life saver.

  3. Hopefully they will expand that tote service. I live on Fort Lewis, in Washington, and would love to see it available here. What a GREAT idea. Thanks for the tip on that as I will keep my fingers crossed.

    And Joanne, this whole summer has been crazy with the weather. We got cheated out of August’s usually perfect summery warm days.

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