It’s about time! I mean, um, huzzah!

By Mir
October 7, 2010
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Hey, guess what! Remember how I always tell you when you can earn Kohls Cash with your purchase, but then I grumble about how you have to go to the store to redeem it?

Not anymore!

Now you can redeem Kohls Cash at Kohls online. I know I just mentioned them yesterday, but I meant to go to the actual store with mine and then didn’t, and then while poking around online today discovered that you can now redeem it online. Sweeeeeeeeeet!

(Right now they’ve got $.99 shipping on every item, and if you have any Kohls Cash from the latest promotion, it expires on October 17th. Just sayin’.)


  1. this makes me happy.

  2. My initial thought was exactly what Beachgal said! I am very happy since the closest Kohls is an hour away! I always order online and then have to trek to the store to spend my Kohls cash!

  3. Oh, I have to tell everyone what happened when I actually stepped foot into a Kohl’s this week! My husband needed pants and isn’t willing to shop online without knowing they are going to fit (poor men…) He tried on a pair that he liked but couldn’t find the color he needed in his particular size. Okay, maybe I’m out of the loop, but while going to look at towels while he was trying pants on, I discovered these awesome kiosks that allowed me to scan the tag of the pants he didn’t want in (same style) and find if they were available to be shipped to my house. I did find the size and color he wanted and was able to not only use my Kohl’s card to pay but to also use my percentage off coupon that I received in the mail. It ships for FREE to my home when I do it that way, as opposed to my usual, “Oh well, honey. We’ll go home and see if we can get it online.” Quicker, easier, and free shipping. What could be better?

    (Sorry if everyone else already knows this and I just am behind the times. I don’t got into the store very often.)

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