A quick note about rebates

By Mir
October 13, 2010
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I was filling out a rebate form the other day and my daughter asked what I was doing, then proclaimed, “That’s stupid. If they’re just going to give you the money back, they should just sell the stuff for less, up front!” (That’s my girl.)

The thing is, the reason companies don’t do that is because they’re hoping you’ll forget to send the rebate in, or you’ll fill it out incorrectly so they can refuse it, or you’ll fill it out properly and get your refund but then forget to either cash the check or use the card you receive. Sneaky.

So. Don’t give those sneaky companies the satisfaction. When you buy something with a rebate (say, a laminator, toothbrush, or some cases of paper, to name a few recent deals), fill out the rebate as soon as possible, follow all directions, make copies of everything, and then send them in immediately.

Some people don’t get their rebate money, but you are way too pretty for that.


  1. At our house we treat rebates like we do tax returns; get them done right away, triple check everything and keep a copy of everything.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I just got my laminator the other day!!!

  3. So funny~ I recently filled out my rebate forms for EACH of the three things you mentioned above. (Just mailed the one for paper today.) 🙂

  4. I’m still disgruntled about a Gerber $5 rebate that I never received about 2 years ago… copies, you say? I will from now on!

  5. Wish I hadn’t missed the paper deal. Don’t know where I was last Monday. I would have snatched up 2 cases for my church. Still have the deal but, no paper in stock. Bummer!

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