Reminder: BillMyParents contest

By Mir
October 27, 2010
Category Contests

Don’t forget—there’s just a few hours left to enter to win a $50 prepaid debit MasterCard for your favorite teen! You can’t win if you don’t enter, so don’t forget to comment for a chance at greatness. Or $50. Whatever; $50 could totally buy greatness if you know where to shop, and I think you do.

As always, leave a comment on the contest post for a chance to win. Comments left on this post shall be limited to those designed for entertainment purposes only. (Void where prohibited. If you’ve been reading this post for four hours or more, please seek medical attention.)


  1. Four hours? What if I’ve only been reading it for 3 hours and 55 minutes? Am I safe then? 😉

  2. Nope, only been on 1.5 hours, and on (gasp) a bunch of other sites, too. I couldn’t actually enter the contest, though my kid has an impressive eyeroll, as she hasn’t even quite turned 6 yet. I think I may be in real trouble in a few years!

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