Consider this a contest warm-up

By Mir
November 1, 2010
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I have this week’s contest coming up for you in just a little bit, but how about a couple of other awesome opportunities to get you started, beforehand? (Besides, if one contest is good, three contests are awesome.)

First: Sad about not winning my recent contest to win a month’s supply of Voskos Greek Yogurt? I can’t say for sure that my contest is what made them realize that giving stuff away is all kinds of fun, but let’s just say I hope I played a part. Anyway, you can go visit Voskos and tell them what you’re thankful for, and you might win that month’s supply or yogurt, plus other goodies! Go check it out.

Second: Want to win a copy of Karen Walrond’s new book, The Beauty of Different, along with some goodies designed to help you best enjoy it? Visit the Beauty of Different blog for a chance to win, and let me tell you—this would be an incredible holiday gift for someone you love, but you will have trouble parting with it if you win. Just a warning.

Full disclosure: Karen is a friend of mine; she didn’t ask me to direct you to her contest, I just think she’s fabulous. Voskos asked me for a plug, though, in return for which I’ll be getting some free yogurt of my own. And you know I’m a sucker for free yogurt, right? Plus I hope some more of you can win.

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  1. Hee, thanks! I’m too lazy to fan them on Facebook, though, since I still have never gotten around to fully setting up a page there. 😉

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