Hey, I have a Crafting Mama winner

By Mir
November 10, 2010
Category Contests

Why yes, I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached (Hi, Mom!) this week. Things are a little bit crazy—I’m gearing up to head out to Save Up tomorrow (stay tuned for details, but I’ll be part of a livestreamed presentation on Saturday morning all about how to get the best deals on Black Friday), and my schedule this week is completely borked. (That’s the technical term, I believe.) Anyway, I didn’t mean to leave you hanging after this weekend’s contest, it just kind of got lost in the shuffle.

Until now! The lucky winner of Crafting Mama for the Nintendo DS is commenter 15, Randi. Congratulations, Randi—please check your email!

As always, thanks to all who played, and special thanks to Majesco Entertainment and their helpers at Rogers and Cowan for the prize donation.

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win; there’s still time to enter to win Bigfoot this week, you know. Plus more contests will be coming up after that, because I like giving you things. You’re pretty.


  1. Woot!! No, Mir, YOU’RE pretty, but I may be biased right about now ;). Thank you SO much! My daughter’s going to flip!!

  2. Okay, I have to tell this story to someone who gets it. A lady I work with (completely non-tech-savvy) was telling me a story about how her son was referred to this psychiatrist (he has epilepsy and was having trouble with some meds) who seemed to diagnose everyone with schizophrenia, whether they had it or not. The best part was when she got to the end of the story (where her son ended up being diagnosed with schizophrenia — surprise! — even though he eventually found out his issue was really with a medication he was taking) and she said, “If anyone ever refers you to Dr. Bork, don’t go. You’ll just end up diagnosed with schizophrenia.”

    I burst out laughing, but she didn’t know why. Seriously? Dr. Bork? Who borks diagnoses? Yes, please.

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