Winners, and more to come

By Mir
November 15, 2010
Category Contests

Before I get to the winners of the Fisher Price Bigfoot (last week’s contest) and the Beauty and the Beast Sabuda pop-up book, I want to tell you that later today there will be not one but two contests, so you’re going to want to stick around, trust me.

But now, let’s have some winners. The winner of the Fisher Price Bigfoot from last week—and earning my unending gratitude for getting this box out of my office—is commenter 247, Jodi. And the winner of the Beauty and the Beast book from yesterday is commenter 111, Melinda. Hooray for our winners! Ladies, please check your email!

As always, big thanks to all who played, and special thanks this time ’round to Fisher Price and their helpers at Freeman Public Relations, and also to our pals at Simon and Schuster for the generous prize donations.

If you didn’t win either of these contests, well, you’re actually in luck—that means you’re eligible for the two contests coming up later today, so stay tuned!

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  1. Congratulations to my friend, Jodi, for winning Bigfoot! And thank you to the pretty Mir, since I’m pretty sure my boys will be playing with it at the next playdate at Ms. Jodi’s house….

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