Ease the sting of American Girl

By Mir
November 17, 2010

‘Tis the season… for your favorite little girl to decide she simply must have a very expensive doll and/or a bunch of accessories for it. I’ve been there, my friends, and I know your pain.

There may be another coupon before Christmas, but just in case you were planning a sizable purchase at American Girl sometime soon, there’s this: Through November 23rd, spend $100+ and ship your order for free with coupon code Ship112310.

I can’t say I miss the days of “I hope Santa will bring me a bunch of new dolls,” but maybe I’ll miss them more when someone’s hoping Santa brings her a car. Maybe.


  1. Sigh. This is my year for that. Fortunately, my daughter also has very doting grandparents.

  2. Oh darn! I just purchased 2 AG baby dolls for my twins. I could have totally used this. Oh well.

  3. I must be the meanest mom EVER!! I made my daughter buy her own American Girl doll. She treasures it so much because it didn’t magically appear.

  4. Santa brought our daughter her first American Girl doll when she was 6. I told my daughter (now 10) she must save up and buy her own (second) American Girl doll. She did. And NOW she has enough money for a third. It’s her hard earned cash. I make her save some. She donates some money to animal rescues. She is pretty responsible. Does THREE just seem insane to you? Other mamas, please weigh in! Do I let her spend her money on doll #3?

  5. Dang it, I just ordered from them last weekend — could have used this.

    Corey Bishop — I am faced with an identical problem with my 9 year old. I gave her one for a birthday and she bought one on her own and is now saving for another. I’ve tried to discourage her, but I also figure that it takes a long time to save up enough $$ and if she is that determined, then I think I will let her when the time comes.

  6. Also “stuck” We currently have 8….yes you read that correctly 8 DOLLS. She is BEGGING for #9 felicity….. with Felicity going into some “VAULT” after this year it’s tempting…
    UGH….the pain of it all….. And she’s only 7. I started WAAAY too early with this one!

  7. Corey, I think three dolls from a kiddo who has earned the money is cool. Loving dolls is a pretty short time of life–one I know we’ll miss when boys and makeup and all things cool come our way. Between my two girls we have 4 American girls that live upstairs. Two were gifts and two they bought themselves. Those dolls are so well-loved and represent a whole lot of little girl sweetness. Give me Addie and Felicity over Hannah Montana any day! 🙂

  8. I just sent this info to my mother-in-law, who has decided that they will be getting new AG Dolls for my 2 girls this Christmas… I don’t know if she’s ordered yet or not.

    I don’t think 3 or even 4 is too many. These dolls are classic, and my girls play with the ones they have ALL the time. They take better care of their dolls than almost anything else they’ve ever been given – and they will last forever and hopefully they will each have daughters that they can share them with when they are grown.

    My older daughter has 3 already (One was an Easter gift, one was a gift from my mom (it had been one she had won YEARS ago and held onto till she had a grand-daughter old enough to give it to), and one was a surprise-trip-to-Chicago gift, in which the girls each contributed about half the money for the dolls), and my younger has 2 (Easter gift and Chicago trip gift).

  9. Corey – I know your kid, she rocks. If that’s really what she wants, then let her buy it. Too bad AG dolls don’t come with a personalized boxer pup… she would buy a litter of them
    BTW Corey & Mir are both so pretty! {giggle giggle}

  10. I concur – if they save their money, let them buy as many dolls as they would like. There are far worse things they could spend the money on.

  11. I split the cost of an American Girl doll and accessory set when La Petite was in elementary school. As she grew older, she carefully stored it away – for her own kids some day. It was fun watching her earn the money and then appreciating the purchase.

    American Girl dolls are expensive, but so worthwhile if you can pull it off.

  12. My girls each have 3 plus a bitty baby, and I think I’m having to say “no more” just for space issues. But they truly do take such good care of these dolls–somehow they just know that they’re special and they treat them that way. I had Molly as a child and she’s still in great condition, my girls play with her along with theirs. These dolls are expensive but so worthwhile, and what a great lesson to have your girls save up for them themselves! And I must say, I keep trying to encourage the doll-play. I’d so much rather that then nintendo ds or some other expensive gadget!

  13. Beautiful Mir, my SiL and MiL will thank you. I have no little girls, but there are 2 nieces that will love you Christmas morning. And about the car, Santa can’t fit a car in the sled, but if you ask for keys…… That’s another story.

  14. I feel so spoiled now. I have seven American girl dolls, although I don’t have many accessories. My grandma sews clothes, and my grandma and grandpa made the beds. But currently, after three years of obsessing over a bakery case set, Im finally getting an allowance and cannot resist buying it when Ive saved enough up

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