Big Prize Week: Day 3 (Zhu Zhu Pets: Wild Bunch Bundle)

By Mir
November 24, 2010
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This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on November 24th, 2010. Read on to find out about today’s prize and enter to win!

It’s the third day of this week’s Prizeapalooza (I don’t understand why my spell checker thinks that’s not a word…), and that means we’re that much closer to Friday’s Really Big Prize. Are you excited? I’m kind of excited.

Today’s prize is a little bit of hamster Nirvana for your favorite DS and Zhu Zhu addict; while Monday’s prize was a Nintendo DS game, today’s offering is the Zhu Zhu Pets: Wild Bunch Limited Edition Bundle, which means you get both the Nintendo DS game and the limited edition “Nutters” hamster, who—quite frankly—keeps staring at me and freaking me out a little bit. Erm, I mean, I’m sure your favorite kid will just love him.

Every contest this week will run for only twelve short hours, so make sure you don’t miss it! Simply go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 p.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 to be entered to win. Winner to be determined by random number generation, losers to be soothed by the remaining week’s worth of prizes!

Ready? Go!


  1. My daughter would love this!

  2. LOVE zhu zhus here….hope we win!!!

  3. My kids would love it!

  4. My son would love this (even though I don’t quite get the who Zhu Zhu thing …)

  5. Oh yes, my 3 would love the creepy little thing…..Thanks!

  6. This would be a perfect gift for my niece! Love your site!

  7. Would love to win this!!! My 7 year old loves her DS and any game she can play on it.

  8. My kids would love this!!!

  9. These critters are so cute!!!!!

  10. It might scare my daughter’s regular Zhu Zhus, but why not!

  11. My kids would love this!!

  12. Count me in!

  13. My daughter has been asking and asking for this… but not til after my Christmas budget was spent!

  14. I was looking online for this one yesterday! I hope I win.

  15. Great stocking filler for my granddaughter.

  16. Creepy yes, but far easier to take care of than the real thing! My kids love them!

  17. Zhu zhu pets are on Santa’s list!

  18. Cool prize. Count me in!

  19. I’m in!

  20. This would be great for my daughter!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. This would be a great Christmas gift for my niece!

  22. Considering I am getting my oldest a DSI this year, and he thinks those creepy hamsters are neat, he would love this!

    Thanks Mir!

  23. my kids love them!!

  24. Yay! I’m actually on time for this contest!

  25. My daughter is into Zhu Zhu pets this year. Thankfully it is easier to get them rather than last year!

  26. My daughter would love this!

  27. I got in on the Daily Deal at Target yesterday with the four-pack, so this would be a great addition!

  28. Hmmm, does the hamster have “crazy eyes”. Maybe have to tell kiddies to keep in their room……

  29. I just got my kids some zhu zhu pets stocking stuffers

  30. Would love this!

  31. I would love…erm…I mean, my DAUGHTER would love this!

  32. ooh, perfect. apparently little boys love these things too.

  33. My little guys would be thrilled!

  34. My grand daughter been asking for zhu zhu pets so she would love this.

  35. Sounds good!

  36. This sounds great! Please, pick me! 🙂

  37. Yay! Thanks for the fun week Mir!!

  38. I’m thinking one of our christmas families would love these! Thanks!

  39. This would be a winner here!

  40. I have a 6 year old hoping for both the DS & the crazy little hamsters. Pick me Mir…

  41. Great prize!

  42. I’ll try.

  43. pick me pick me random number thingy

  44. My son has been begging me for this. Fingers crossed….

  45. These would make my son so happy!

  46. Our wild bunch would love this!!

  47. Count me in!

  48. CHECK – that was the sound of me checking one gift off my Christmas shopping list…. if I win. 🙂

  49. i don’t like rodents, but know someone who does………

  50. My kids keep asking for these, but I am not quite on board with them yet. Hopefully we win and then they will be happy.

  51. I see zhu zhu pet races in my future,,,(hopefully lol)

  52. Love zhu zhu pets! Please pick us!

  53. Great great great!!!

  54. maybe my kids would stop asking for a real hamster????

  55. for the nephew!

  56. me! pick me!

  57. Grandkids would get a kick out of this.

  58. Zhu me!

  59. These would make my son happy but, perhaps more importantly, drive my cat insane!

  60. Pick me! We’ll give that creepy little critter (and game) a nice home! 😀

  61. My daughters would love this.

  62. I have the perfect kid for this perfect prize………thank you!

  63. Pick me!!!

  64. I hope today is my lucky day 🙂

  65. My 3 kids 3 gettin DS’s from santa! They r going to be SUPER surprised as I have been tellin em allllLl year that I told santa they couldn’t have one! Lol this prize would be MORE than the icing on the cake! 🙂

  66. Fingers crossed! Thanks, Mir!

  67. could be fun…or freaky…
    but it’s worth the chance!

  68. MAKE ME “the BEST NANA”

  69. The Boy loves his “hansomers”!

  70. Pick me!

  71. My son would love this!

  72. Thanks Mir

  73. Nice prize!!

  74. would love, love, love this!

  75. Awesome! thanks!

  76. My son broke both his DS and his sister’s DS (tried to take his swimming!) They are both getting replacements for Christmas, a new game would be awesome to go along with!

  77. My daughter would love this so much!

  78. My son would love this – thanks for the chance!

  79. Would make a nice gift for a niece or nephew. Thanks.

  80. This would be great for my daughter’s new pink DSi!

  81. yay! The Zhu Zhu’s on are on the gift list over here, too! Did I mention your prettiness today?

  82. Count me in! Thanks!

  83. I would love to have this one…oops, I mean it would be a great gift for a child.

  84. Sounds like something that would make some kids in Wisconsin very happy!

  85. It would make Thanksgiving Eve so perfect! 🙂

  86. My children would be thrilled to win this, especially since we will be traveling over the holidays. Thanks for your website. I love it, and I check it every day!

  87. Awesome prize (again) thanks for the chances to win all week!

  88. Sounds great!

  89. My daughter is obsessed with Zhu Zhu Pets. I’d love to win this for her!

  90. My kids love these!! Hopefully I can find them this year!!

  91. My kids would love this; please enter me!

  92. pick me!! please?

  93. My son would love this!

  94. My kids would love this!!

  95. Nutters?! Ok!

  96. my niece would love this…I would like to win this one..

  97. count me in again! My niece and nephew love thesethings!

  98. We’re all Zhu Zhu all the time here.

  99. Whoo hoo! count us in 🙂 Thanks!

  100. Just bought a pkg off of amazon per the deal yoyu posted, but they could use some siblings!

  101. My daughter already has been begging for this. Count me in!

  102. As if one squeeky rodent toy isn’t enough in our house. . . !!!!

  103. Tossing my name in the magic number hat!

  104. This would be a fabulous stocking stuffer for my daughter!

  105. All my kids are asking for these! Help!

  106. My daughter would love this!!

  107. my nephew just asked for this last night…

  108. This is my chance to be a hero to my 7yo! I’m crossing my fingers!

  109. That little hamster would find a good home with us. Thanks!

  110. Thanks for all the giveaways!

  111. Oh my, this was so on my daughter’s wish list!!!

  112. Perfect Christmas gift! Thanks!

  113. Me! Me!

  114. Sounds great!!

  115. My kids are obsessed!

  116. I have a nephew who would love this!

  117. Please pick me – this would save me some money this week.

  118. Pick me!

  119. My crazy son loves these little rodents. He’d love to win one!

  120. sounds great, thanks!

  121. All of my kids would LOVE this.

  122. My daughters would go nuts for this!!

  123. my daughter would love this !

  124. I don’t get the attraction, but my daughter would love this!

  125. My daughter would love these. Good luck to me (for her!)

  126. Personally, these things are making me lose my sanity, but the kiddies love, so…

  127. My daughter would LUV this!

  128. My kids love Zhu Zhus and would love these.

  129. Pretty Mir + creepy robot hamsters = prize week.

    Thank you!

  130. I just broke down and bough a Black Friday lightning deal on amazon, so I totally need this!!!!!

  131. Oh sure!

  132. mmmm hamster

  133. Those hamsters are a bit…creepy? Nonetheless, my daughter loves them.

  134. I’ll admit, last year I shunned the Zhu Zhus. But actually they’re not too bad….my Zhu Zhu living 7yo would love this!

  135. I’m in!

  136. My son would love this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. Pick Me! Thanks Mir!

  138. We love creepy hamsters!

  139. Nary a Zhu Zhu pet has graced my doorstep before now. My kids would be thrilled to change this!!!!

  140. Awesome! This is on my daughters Christmas list! She loves ZhuZhu’s 🙂

  141. My four grandkids would love this.

  142. This would really help me out a lot! Please pick me!

  143. I really want to see what our cat will do with them…

  144. Please enter me for this one!!

  145. My daughter wants this. Please give it to her!

  146. everyone loves a good zhu zhu.

  147. Yay for my niece!

  148. WOOOHHHHOOOOO!! You are awesome and pretty Mir!! My 4 yr old has Zhu Zhu pets on her Christmas list and she is getting a DS from Santa(papa and grandma) so this is AWESOME!! I hope I win!!

  149. new DS game = more peaceful car ride.

  150. I’m wild for this prize!

  151. Oh, please, please, please let it be meeeee! For my daughter, of course 🙂

  152. I sure I could find a kid or two who would like this!

  153. Happy Thanksgiving meal preparation day!

  154. Perfect for my 6-year old.. Pick me, pick me!

  155. This looks so cool! Would love to win!!!

  156. Oh my, all 3 of my kids are wanting a Zhu Zhu for Christmas!

  157. My son would love this!

  158. My kids love these things!

  159. Cool, thanks Mir!

  160. I didn’t know how ‘cool’ these were until 2 days ago!

  161. Me please!

  162. we would love to win this

  163. Winning would make me a very popular aunt.

  164. My girls still love the Zhu Zhus they got for Christmas last year!

  165. awesome, thanks!

  166. I worry a bit about introducing those critters here, but if I won them I’d suck it up and let them loose!

  167. My wild bunch of grands would love this!

  168. Any of my kids would love this! I kind of like the little things.

  169. I want this for myself!!!

  170. I know at least 2 kids who would love this! thanks!

  171. My daughter would LOVE this! Both these are on her wish list!

  172. perfect house guest

  173. zhu zhu’s for me please!!

  174. all I want for Christmas… to win this contest!

  175. oh how my kids love zhu zhu pets and DS games so this would be an awesome gift!

  176. Great gift for my son. Thanks!

  177. Pick me!! Pick me!!

  178. hi mir! free christmas presents are a wonderful prize 😉

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