Apologies for the Mini Boden coupon confusion

By Mir
December 7, 2010

Hey folks—thank you so much for bearing with me after the problems with this morning’s post about a coupon code Mini Boden. (I have removed the post per retailer request.)

So here’s the deal: One of the benefits I now enjoy since being selected as a Savings.com DealPro is that I have access to their exclusive offers here on Want Not, which is awesome. I don’t know if you’ve noticed in last month or so, but I’ve had lots of offers to pass along which I formerly didn’t have access to. This is very very cool, and without getting into a bunch of boring details let me just say that it’s a very nice thing the Savings folks are doing for the DealPros and our readers.

That said, allowing all of us to access their deals database is relatively new and sometimes not without hiccups. I saw the Mini Boden deal this morning and grabbed it; several of you let me know it wasn’t working; I contacted Savings immediately (though they’re on the opposite coast and I’d posted quite early, so we had to wait); they contacted Mini Boden, and here is the final result:

We were told that [the posted coupon code] was going to be live this AM, so we posted the deal as planned. As soon as we heard from you that it wasn’t working though, we removed it. The folks at Boden, along with the team here, pass along their apologies for the trouble and confusion your readers experienced.

I’m still trying to find out of this offer might still go into effect at a later point and will keep you posted.

I think most of you know that I’m always trying to bring you the greatest deals I can find, and while that never involves me trying to deceive you or somehow break the rules, sometimes deals change, or things don’t work quite right, or plain ol’ human error comes into play. I’m very sorry this morning’s deal turned out to be a false alarm, and sincerely appreciate those of you who were good-humored about it. You’re very pretty.


  1. Bew. Not that my daughter NEEDED anymore clothing. I still want that skirt for me though. Hmmmm

    Thanks Mir for all that you do.

  2. thanks, mir, we still think you’re awesome. 🙂

  3. No big deal! Thanks for all of your time and effort this holiday season!

  4. I like you, Mir. You’re swell no matter what.

  5. Bummer, dude! It’d be exciting if it came back, though, since we’re all now HOOKED on Mini Boden.

  6. You rock no matter what, and you are oh so pretty!

  7. Nothing and no one is perfect, and I have snagged so many wonderful deals because of your site I’d never fault you for a glitch like this. Keep up the fabulous work!

  8. Hey, your post alerted me that Boden had started their sale hours before Boden actually emailed to tell me, so I’m SURE that some of what I scored would’ve been sold out if I hadn’t been on the site so early.

    So, thanks! As far as I’m concerned, it’s a win!

  9. Ditto what Angie posted. Happy Holidays!!

  10. Thanks for all you do, Mir! And thank YOU for being good-humored about it, and for following up with us all day. You deserve all the gluten free cookies you can eat. And then a dozen more. Plus some chocolate.

    …and a few glasses of wine?

    Hey, now that I’m thinking about it…can I come over? 😉

  11. In my experience, Boden never applies their %-off coupons to sale items, so I figured that it wasn’t real, even though you posted it! : )

    But sometimes you can use the %-off coupon to get free shipping, so sometimes there is still a bonus!

  12. For all you do good (not to mention saving us tons of money), this is just a little bump in the road.

  13. See, look, everyone still loves you. You can stop flogging yourself with that cat-o’-nine-tails now (yeah, I spotted you)!

  14. You are WAY too hard on yourself, Mir. The deals you post for us save us all lots of $$$ and I enjoy a daily dose of your humor as well. Had you not posted that deal, I would not have realized that Boden has menswear…and would not have found that super awesome shirt for my hubby! So…thank you:) I still think you’re super pretty!

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