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By Mir
January 17, 2011
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Oh my gosh y’all, last week with the Snowpocalypse completely screwed up my schedule and gave me temporary Alzheimer’s. I don’t know how I managed to completely space on 1) picking a winner of the previous week’s contest and 2) having a new contest, but somehow, I did. (I’m special.) Many apologies!

Anyway! It’s a new week! We’re back on schedule! Now with more exclamation points!!!

The winner of the Mind/Body Yoga and Pilates Wii game is commenter 145, Dawn. Congratulations, Dawn—please check your email!

Big thanks to everyone who played (and that’s for your patience when I fell into that wormhole last week), and special thanks to Deep Silver and their helper elves at SouthPeak Games for donating the prize.

On account of my negligence with wrapping up this last contest, I have something especially cool coming up later today for this week’s contest, along with my solemn pinky promise that this time I won’t forget to pick the winner for a week. Stay tuned!

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  1. I just assumed the prize closet was empty!

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