Not dead, I swear

By Mir
January 20, 2011
Category Big Picture

Apologies for the unexpected absence, today—I didn’t mean to abandon you! One appointment somehow turned into three and then, poof, the whole day was gone. I will try to do better tomorrow, but my son is having surgery in the morning, so we’ll see how it goes. (Surely I can blog while he’s having his tonsils and adenoids removed….)

By way of apology, did you happen to notice that Clarks are up to 75% off at today…? (Sorry, that’s the best I can manage after a day of shuttling a sick, cranky kid around to doctors’ appointments.)


  1. Good luck to Monkey (and mama Mir)!

  2. Good luck on surgery. My 4 yr old has to have tonsils and adenoids removed as well as have tubes put in his ears.

    Best of luck!

  3. I hope things go great tomorrow, Mir. Grace and peace to you as you wait and see!

  4. I had mine removed in preschool. Best of luck to your son!

  5. Good luck & hope all goes well!!

  6. I’ll be thinking about you & sending positive thoughts your way. It is NEVER easy when our children our sick.

  7. Sending you prayers today Mir! My husband had his tonsils and adenoids removed about 3 years ago and my niece had hers done and tubes in last month. Monkey will be uncomfortable for a while, but then what a difference!

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