Heads up, Discoverers: Time to Get More

By Mir
February 1, 2011
Category Quick Tips

If you have a Discover card—and if you love it and pet it and call it George and use it for everything, like I do—take note that today is the first day to enroll in March’s Get More promotion, which is 5% cashback on your first $200 worth of grocery or drug store purchases.

That’s… well, about one and a half trips to the grocery store, for me. I liked these programs better when the cap was higher. Still, free bonus money is free money, and you don’t get it unless you sign up. Go do it now, before you forget.


  1. thanks for the reminder!

  2. Mir, have you considered the American Express Blue Cash Rewards card, by chance? There is no cap to your earnings, which is 5% on everyday purchases and 1.25% on everything else, although there is a level you have to reach on purchases ($6500) before you start earning those higher percentages; until then, you earn 1% and .5% respectively. So depending on your use, you could really rack it in. We earned over $700 last year. Just wanted to pass this along for anyone this may benefit!

  3. I’ve been happy with the rewards I get from my Chase Freedom card. They give 1% on all purchases, with quarterly promotions for 5% in several categories with no cap. Right now the 5% promotion is for groceries & drugstores.

  4. Mir, we have a Discover card that always gives higher bonus in gas purchases–can we still sign up for the get more promotions? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the reminder! I have this set on my ical (first of every month!), but a second reminder never hurts!

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