Grab a friend, save on membership

By Mir
February 15, 2011
Category Quick Tips

Pretty Want Not reader Kim wrote in to let me know that if you’re interested in joining Mothers & More, right now they’re running a special through the end of March. Normally membership is $45 for the year, but if you and a friend sign up together, it’s $60 for both of you. That’s a third off and also a guarantee that your friend will be putting up with you for at least another year.

I belonged to a local Mothers & More group when my kids were little, and I loved having a “mommy playgroup” to look forward to even on days when it felt like it was just me and Elmo against the entire world. Nowadays they have all sorts of online stuff in addition to local chapters. You kids today! With your fancy new-fangled connectivity! Hmph.

Er, I mean, check it out. Ahem.


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