Reminder: GeoPalz contest

By Mir
March 2, 2011
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Don’t forget—you only have until early tomorrow morning to enter to win a GeoPalz pedometer so that your kiddo will be encouraged to get out and get active. This is a great way to motivate today’s “plugged in” kids to get off the computer (so that later they can go back to the computer and report their steps!), and I am all for anything that makes kids want to exercise.

As always, you must leave a comment on the contest post for an entry. Leaving a comment on this post doesn’t get you anything. I mean, unless you’re offering me a million dollars, no strings attached, in which case you will probably get an email from me. But, uh, don’t do that. (Unless you’re serious, in which case, please! Go ahead!)


  1. Soon as I win one of those >$100m Powerball or Megamillions jackpots, I’ll toss a few dollars your way! ;-D

  2. Does anyone have these? I have a few questions that I can’t seem to answer from the info on the website.

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