Winner of the GeoPalz contest

By Mir
March 10, 2011
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Whoa, not only did I miss doing a contest this week (though I’m going to make it up to you with a really sweet prize next week, pinky swear!), I totally forgot to select the winner of last week’s contest. Honestly, readers, how do you put up with me? It’s almost like real life keeps getting in the way of the computer. Imagine.

Anyway! Last week I offered y’all a chance to win a GeoPalz pedometer for your kiddo. You know, to get them up and active, instead of sitting at the computer all the time. Maybe I got up from the computer and forgot to come back, and that’s why this is delayed? Possibly. But regardless, the random number generator has decided that commenter 28, Erin K, is our winner. Congratulations, Erin—please check your email!

As always, thanks to all who played. Special thanks going out to GeoPalz and their helpers at BLASTmedia for the prize donation, too.

Didn’t win this one? Monday’s prize is a biggie, and you are not going to want to miss it. Trust me. Hint: It’ll make you look forward to Summer.


  1. You’re giving away a Jetski!?!


  2. Though I didn’t win, I find the Geopalz concept exciting enough I may have to buy one (which, I guess, is what they’re hoping!). I even sent some information to my daughter’s gym teacher, in case her budget ever allows her to get one as a prize for the school kiddies. 🙂

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