Does anyone know what time it is?

By Mir
March 14, 2011
Category What to Wear

As per usual, the time change is kicking my behind. Why? I don’t know. I changed the clocks just like I was supposed to, but we have a wall clock waaaaaaay up high in our family room which requires a ladder to get to, and my husband is out of town and I don’t do ladders, so I managed to forget it was wrong and stay up an extra hour last night by mistake. Oops.

Anyway, while I re-combobulate myself (that’s the opposite of discombobulate, right?), two shoe deals for you: First, has a very fetching array of deals today, including up to 70% off Naturalizers. Nice. And second, the Target Daily Deals have both boots and sandals (March! So confusing!!), as well as a cute little wristlet I’m kind of digging.

None of these items will help me with my time-telling problem, but they cheer me up, nonetheless.


  1. WAAAH! I want those sandals and all they are offering are the smaller sizes and the larger sizes. Sigh, it is not to be. We woke up an hour late here—switched all the clocks, but the alarm had an am/pm problem. What a day!

  2. I have a pair of kicky new sandals on their way. A harbinger of better weather to come, no?

  3. This isn’t related to the deals, but it is related to dis/recombobulation.

    At the Milwaukee airport, after you go through security, there are a couple of benches with a sign saying “Recombobulation Area” hanging above them. Hysterical and awesome, and never failed to make me laugh.

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