Reminder: Kenmore food processor contest

By Mir
March 23, 2011
Category Contests

Don’t forget—you have until early tomorrow morning to enter to win a Kenmore Elite 14-cup food processor. You can’t win if you don’t enter, so get your comment in there if you have dreams of pulverizing the bejeezus out of some food. (Mmmm… I sure do know how to make stuff sound appetizing!)

As always, you must leave a comment on the contest post for an entry. Comments left on this entry shall be reserved for discussion of… let’s see… um, squirrels. (Sorry, I let the dog pick. She’s so predictable.)


  1. How about mice? Would Licorice like a mouse? I had a mouse under my dishwasher, but now it has disappeared, having defeated both a traditional mousetrap and a glue trap. Arrrghh. (I entered the contest already on the other post, but a new food processor might make me feel better about the mouse).

  2. Squirrel!

  3. Hmmm . . saw our local hawk recently with a nabbed squirrel, flying across our driveway right in front of our car!

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