I want to put De Blob on your Xbox 360

By Mir
March 26, 2011
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So here’s what happened: I got a pitch about a game, and I said I would love to get a Wii version to offer for giveaway. I was told it was on the way, and then I got a package in the mail. Sadly (for us Wii folks) it was not the Wii version, but the Xbox 360 version. Huh.

I know a lot of Want Not readers have Wiis, but I have no idea how many of you have Xboxes. I’m thinking not many. But if that’s true, then those of you who do Xbox are about to have awesome odds of winning this contest. What I have is a copy of De Blob 2 for Xbox 360, and it’s an E10+ game where you get to paint the whole world. It sounds kind of soothing, actually, though the reviews lead me to believe even hardcore gamers can take it to a challenging level, while people like me could just be all “Oh, paint! Fun!”

Want to win it? (Um, I’d love for someone with an Xbox to get it, but I see that Amazon is giving nearly $30 for trade-in on this one right now, so… do with that information what you will.) First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here for this quickie weekend contest and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, March 28th, 2011 for a chance to win. Winner will be determined by random number generation and ability to say “join the color evolution” with a straight face.

Ready? Go!


  1. Ooh we got a XBOX for Christmas and would Love this. Thanks.

  2. I’ll take it please ;>} I have (well…my son as) an XBOX 36. Fun!

  3. We are Wii-ers, but we also got an Xbox for Christmas! We’d love to win!

  4. Sure, why not! :>) Thanks for the chance!

  5. We have two xboxes (the teenager has his own in his dungeon, which is just how we all like it). Yay!

  6. Ooohh….I’m 4th (I think!). Yes please, Mir!

  7. We have an xbox, because apparently just having a wii isn’t enough for my husband. I know we’d all have fun with this game!

  8. Please, that would be great!

  9. Daughter has an Xbox!

  10. Join the color evolution!!!! ZOMG! Girl Child + Painting Game = True Love.

  11. Want to win it for my son.

  12. Join the color evolution! Yes, this’d be great fun for our fam and the random young teens our friends bring over!

  13. We go either way – I mean Wii or Xbox, of course….LOL

  14. We would love to try it!!!

  15. Oy, yoy, yoy! We need some new games for our X-Box SO BAD!!!!! I think this will be the contest for me!!!

  16. Count me in!

  17. I love my xbox and would love this game.

  18. Ooh, a 360 game I could play too. We are wiiless, but that is because wii does not have Halo.

  19. Me, please?

  20. We too have both thanks to hubby, so this would be a good game for the kids and I to play on Xbox to take away some of his Halo time – lol

  21. Yes! We need an xbox game in our house that’s not Halo or M-rated!

  22. We have Xbox, Wii and PlayStation 3. Yeah, hubby likes his gadgets. The Wii was for me thou. 🙂 Anyway, this would be so much fun for me to finally get to actually play on the hubby’s Xbox. Pick me!!

  23. A non-shoot ’em up game? Perfect!

  24. We have an xbox. Would love this game. Thanks!

  25. We’d love it an we do have an Xbox!

  26. This would be a perfect game for my son! I would loooove to win it. :o)

  27. De Blob is de bomb! (Sorry, that was pretty lame. But I still want to win!)

  28. Awesome! Husband has an xbox 360!!!

  29. Paint..er…pick me!! 😀

  30. Any free game is a good game! Thanks!

  31. We have Xbox! The kids would love a new game.

  32. Would love to win – Xbox 360 is big in our house.

  33. My boys love to paint. Sounds like fun when combined with their Xbox

  34. We have everything except a Wii so this would be fab

  35. We have an XBox! Pick me!

  36. Oh, Paint! fun!

  37. I have an xbox and my 2 boys would love this

  38. Because I have two boys, we’re no stranger to butt jokes and boogers.. However, we have yet to be acquainted with Blobs! We’d love to have this:P

  39. I’d love it!

  40. Pick me!

  41. This would be AWESOME!

  42. Join the color evolution. 😐

    See? That’s a straight face! We have a 360 and the kids would love this!!

  43. Would be nice to have a game that I can play with the kids on the Xbox…like so many others, our Xbox is also dominated by the hubs!

  44. my hubby got an xbox 360 as a random bonus from his boss this past fall and we don’t have any kid-friendly games! this would be awesome. 🙂 thanks, mir!

  45. Would love to win this for my nephew!

  46. We have too have an xbox for the hub’s war games! Also the kinect is pretty fun. Would love to win this.

  47. I think my kids would love to play this game.

  48. Yeah! Thank you!

  49. My husband would like it.

  50. We’d love to add this to our XBox game arsenal!

  51. Ooh – we have an xbox 360!

  52. Because of two fabulous sets of aunts and uncles, our kids have an xBox 360. They rock! Thanks for a week-end giveaway!

  53. Would have lots of love for this!!!

  54. We would love this!

  55. We have the Xbox and would love to add to our game library!

  56. My grandson thinks I am a fuddy duddy…I might win him over with this!

  57. We are HUGE xbox fans in my household! 🙂 We actually bought a second xbox & gave away our Wii just a few months ago. I’d love to win this game! 🙂

  58. This would be great! Thanks for the great giveaways!!

  59. ooh, we have xbox too.

  60. Yes, please!

  61. Ummm….with the way you sell it, why not!!

  62. my guys love anything that goes in their xbox

  63. I’m in!! Always love to try a new game….

  64. Would love to win this and give it to my nephew!

  65. We’ve had our Xbox 360 longer than we’ve had our Wii and we love both, but for different reasons. We’re always up for a new gaming experience 🙂

  66. We want to Join the color evolution! Straight faced! Pick me…we have an X-Box!

  67. I have an Xbox owner turning 14 on April 14th and the Birthday Fairy is pretty broke…

  68. so maybe my kids won’t paint the walls anymore??

  69. We have an xbox! This game sounds like fun… Thanks for the contest!

  70. My turn to paint!

  71. Would love it.

  72. My nephew would love this for his Xbox!

  73. This sounds great!

  74. My two boys were asking for them. Thanks for offering.

  75. my son loves xbox 360.

  76. ooooo…blobs make me pretty !!!

  77. We have an xbox 360 and would love this!!

  78. My little brother in law would love this!

  79. Looks like a fun game!

  80. So I don’t have an XBox, but I have friends who do. Perhaps they will let me play once in a while.

  81. My kids would like it!

  82. Please pick me, my children love to paint!

  83. We have an XBox and loved the first de Blob game, would love to play this one!

  84. Sounds like fun!

  85. Please enter me. I love games that aren’t blowy-uppy.

  86. we don’t discriminate…Wii or Xbox, we have it covered : ) Thanks!

  87. We have an XBox and I think my girls would really enjoy this game. Hope I get chosen for this one!

  88. We just got an xbox, would love to try this game!

  89. Very cool! 🙂 Love it.

  90. Great gift for my brother!

  91. This looks fun! Sadly we have a Wii and an Xbox – apparently my husband is still a kid at heart 🙂

  92. I added an Xbox to my console collection at Christmas. Still working on stocking up on games, and this looks like a fun addition.

  93. I wanted a Wii, my husband wanted an xbox. So we got one of each! Looks like a fun game!

  94. I’m in. Would love to try it out.

  95. My oldest loved DeBlob 1–lots of fun and crazy music! We’d all love it.

  96. Ooh! I need a game that I can win at. Hubby pretty much dominates all things Xbox. 😉

  97. Please enter me!

  98. that would be great…we have an xbox and i need some non ‘gamer’ type games that the kiddos and i can play.

  99. We have an xbox!!! 🙂

  100. Ooh. Xbox weekend love. Pick us!

  101. We’re in!

  102. We got an xbox for Christmas, thanks for the giveaway!

  103. We do have an xbox, we do!

  104. Wii X-box 360 too.

  105. No Wii in my house, we are Xboxer’s and you never have xbox so please pick someone with a Xbox, doesn’t need to be me but just seems fair since you usually give out Wii stuff.

  106. Me, please. My husband loves his xbox.

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